vicki-stephens-presentingMark McDaniel introduced Vicki Stephens.  Vicki has been in the telecommunications industry for over 4 decades.  More importantly, however, she always delivers what she says she is going to do!  She is also a very strong networker!

Vicki thanked the DEA for the opportunity to be a member; this is her second go-round as a DEA member.  She was born and raised in Lubbock and left as soon as she could!  Vicki has 4 boys and 8 grandkids from ages 2 to 19!

Co-Nexus is a 25-year-old, Texas-based telecommunications company.  They have an A+ rating with the BBB and over 10,000 systems in Texas, United States, and globally.

When people ask her what she does, Vicki says she sells telephone systems.  Today, that means so much more than a simple telephone system.  Some of the services Co-Nexus offers are: VOIP technology, Video surveillance, hosting and cloud services, contact center solutions, and video conferencing!  Her sweet spot is multi-location facilities, from businesses to universities.

Co-Nexus is the largest Mitel-certified technical force in the Central US.  They do both large and small applications.  Their employees average 20+ years of experience.

Co-Nexus addresses some of the biggest business challenges:

– The ability to do more with less
– Communications solutions that adapt to the needs of the business
– The ability to integrate best-in-class technologies and devices without introducing complexities

Co-Nexus uses Mitel for their solutions.  Mitel was founded in 1972 and has been a Co-Nexus partner since 1991.  She has worked with her Mitel engineer for more than 30-years.  One of the things Vicki appreciates about Mitel is that they allow you to keep most of your current system investment and just upgrade technology and software.

Co-Nexus can provide unified communication with mobility.  You can choose your device:  desk phone, cell phone, or IPAD, for example, and share documents and call from everywhere.  It provides the in-office experience wherever you are.  Vicki has one number on her business card and she can allow customers to reach her whenever she wants.  All the calls still look like they are coming into and out of her office.  You can seamlessly switch the call from the office phone to cell phone and back.  Through the Mitel Desktop, you can have call-history, instant-messaging, and chatting on the network.  The desktop looks the same wherever you are.  Contacts can even look at your calendar and know when you are unavailable; they cannot tell who you are meeting with, just when.  This allows access anytime, anywhere, on any device!  Companies can connect, collaborate, and take care of their customers!

Leads for Vicki are anyone needing any consulting in telecommunications.  She is glad to sell, but is also happy to consult to evaluate the services someone has or is considering.  Vicki wants to make a difference in the community!


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