DEA Meeting: Call-Hold Marketing!

Darren Gardner, TeksInc., introduced Rob Eads with Call-Hold Marketing!  They have known each other for about 7 years and Darren has used Rob several times for their auto-attendant.  Rob is really good at filling in the blanks to get you exactly what you want!  Rob graduated from East Texas State University.  Rob is always responsive and very inexpensive!  Darren really appreciates their friendship and business relationship!

Rob learned a long time ago that the best way to explain the work they do is with audio samples.  When you hear the type of production they do, that is when the light bulb goes on and you understand!

Call-Hold has been a member in the DEA for over 11 years!  Bruce Collier is the original owner and is still involved, though semi-retired.  Bruce is a networking animal and by default brought Rob in, but he has really grown to enjoy networking!  He considers many of you not only good business associates and referrals partners but friends, as well.

Call-Hold breaks their business into three main categories.  Their first main product is Messages On-Hold.  They can be selling a product or marketing the company, but the goal is keeping the listener engaged, interested and entertained.  Rob shared samples from the Dallas Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (a monthly program of events happening in the area), Honor Health Hospital in Phoenix (opportunity to do cross-marketing because of the different services they provide), TeksInc (in-house IT without a bunch of geeks hanging around), Automotive dealers (illustrating use of testimonials and fun trivia).

Music is a real big part of what they do and they literally have hundreds of different tracks they use.  Music is a great way to set a mood.  It is the idea of a theater of the mind, much like old radio shows.  Rob illustrated some of this with work he did for a dentist in Fort Worth who likes weird and wacky and currently has the ad set up like a country-music radio “station” with dental puns!

Their second product is Auto-attendant announcements and greetings.  They like to try to give it a signature feel to make it feel unique.  One of his favorites was an auto-attendant for Hoya Optical with an audio signature included just for fun, but it has become a great, memorable conversation starter for the company!  He also did a safety speech for Captain Mike that was about 4 minutes long and included humor and nautical music.

Their other main product is the Telle-Tattoo, which is out-going messages for your business cell phone.  It makes your smart-phone smarter!  They key is to be brief and to the point but also add some production appeal and make you stand out from the crowd.  Rob played the seasonal messages he made for Mark Kinser as well as his own Telle-Tattoo.

Rob is having a Booksigning on Thursday at Tony’s Kitchen Cafe.  Rob said he loves coming to the morning meetings but gets more business from the after-hours events.  It is a little more relaxed and fun!  Come out and do some business and enjoy each other’s company!

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  1. Rob gave a great presentation on how he keeps your clients interested in you and your business without being boring and repetitive. Call him today to find out more.

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