DEA Meeting: Audio Video Innovations

Braden Howell, New York Life, was thrilled to introduce Keith Brown of Audio Video Innovations!  Braden emphasized how great it is to do business with people we know, like, and trust.  Keith will take the time to fully understand what you are looking for.  There is literally nothing they cannot do for your audio visual needs!

Keith is the Manager of Business Development.  His wife is Heather and Harper is their daughter.

Audio Video Innovations is a full-service AV company, which means they do anything from speakers and TV’s to motorized shades and lighting.  Today, every home is a smarthome.  If you use an iPad in your home and you’re on WiFi, you are using the type of products they sell.  They do very high-end systems, but also much simpler solutions.  Audio Video Innovations uses products that work together well for a great customer experience!  They work with products that are reliable, intuitive (even for your grandmother!), and attractive!  They want to be:

“Best at things that matter most!”

In an ideal world, every house they work in would have one app, one interface, that the client could use to work with anything in their home.  The One App Home provides a true smarthome.  Everyone has scenes in their daily lives:  getting up in the morning, leaving the house, having people over for dinner, going to bed.  Audio Video Innovations wants to make the technology in your house work to make the things you do easier.  Keith showed a keypad that can be custom laser-etched for each client’s activities to replace a big bank of switches.  For example, when they click “away”, the alarm arms, shades close, lights turn off, TV’s and music shut off, thermostats lower to a more efficient temperature and the house is shut down for the client.  You can also have a vacation mode, “the dog is still here” mode, “the kids are here” mode….however you want to define it!

AV started with music throughout the house.  Audio Video Innovations can install invisible speakers or pretty speakers.  What is important about distributed audio and video is that they are easy to control!  All the technology behind the scenes is great, but we want it to stay behind the scenes.  You should be able to pick up an iPad or remote, touch it, and all of this stuff happens like magic!

Their ideal client has a lot of money, but has no idea what they want and doesn’t like technology, they are busy and literally just want things to work when they come home!

Motorized shades are an important part of making the house work.  Most clients with standard shades or shutters literally choose whether they like them open or shut and leave them that way all the time.  Those clients aren’t getting the benefit of the right light or increased privacy.  Audio Video Innovations has the best motorized-shade product in the world; it is faster and quieter and works every time!

There are now amazing TV’s with artwork that are affordable!

Automated lighting improves aesthetics.  When the quality of light in a home is increased, it makes the home more enjoyable to live in.  They can light the artwork at the right dimming level, turn on the lights in the bookshelf and around the room, so every time the client is in that room, they are enjoying it fully.

Audio Video Innovations does a lot of work with WiFi.  If you are having trouble with your WiFi it could be a bad service provider, or it could be interference from your neighborhood; the only way to know is to have a professional come out and analyze the situation.

Acoustic panels can be installed in your office if areas are too loud.  Sometimes a small amount of effort can make a huge difference!  They also do security systems and surveillance.

Outdoor speakers used to be big boxes on the wall that played music too loud on the patio that was not heard well in the pool.   There are other choices now.  They have custom speakers that can match the outside aesthetics.  They can run speakers around the outside of the yard that are small and look like landscape lights and add sub-woofers buried in the ground, all to provide a smooth, even level of music throughout the yard!

Their goal with outdoor lighting is to make it as comfortable as possible so people are drawn out into the outdoor spaces.  They encourage their clients to move their TV out into their yard to a place that works for those who will be using the yard.  Outdoor screening can turn an outside living area into a 4-season room.  The motorized screening can be installed and secured on both sides to keep bugs out!  They have the same, easy-to-use system controlling both the inside and outside equipment!

If it doesn’t make your life easier, it isn’t a solution, it is a product!

“A” lead: anyone you know who is going to build, purchase or remodel their home, office, or retail space.  Their average client is $1.5+ million home, but they work with every space, every budget, every client.

“B” lead:  anyone here interested in upgrading your home or business.

“C” lead: custom home builders, architects, or interior designers.  These are Keith’s main clients!


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