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Jeremy Bermender describes Atomic Design & Consulting as a Powerful Dallas Digital Marketing Agency.  He began by showing a video he took while in Boston this past month. The video showed how Jeremy, after making a wrong turn, became caught in a huge motorcade for President Trump, who was also leaving from the airport.  This wouldn’t have been a huge issue except he had already dropped his wife and two small kids off at the terminal while he returned the car.  And his wife was calling to let him know that their four-year daughter needed to go to the bathroom, and she couldn’t leave the luggage! Sometimes getting stuck is a part of life. You must overcome obstacles in your way to figure things out.

Atomic Design & Consulting is a small, but mighty, crew that offices in Plano.  They are encompassed with a lot of talent individuals that make up different knowledgeable aspects of marketing.  They really enjoy working closely with their clients to get a deep understanding of what their goals are.

Atomic DC covers all aspects of website development, SEO, social media, email and video marketing – everything digital.  They have also focused on HubSpot / CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) over the past year.  CRM’s along with using a Dallas Inbound Marketing Agency are important to growing a business because of the way that marketing works today.  They also offer keyword ranking, pay per click, landing pages, and technical support. They can handle all their client’s needs!

Jeremy studied Criminal Justice at California State University Chico.  He moved to Texas in 2015 and was also named Top 32 under 32 by Dallas American Advertising Federation in 2018.  He just recently started a You Tube vlog in 2019, check him out of his You Tube channel here. And he also plays guitar in his spare time, mostly Led Zeppelin.  He is married with 2 kids, who are adorable, mostly when they are sleeping!

So how do we grow our businesses better?  Sometimes we forget the end game and that we all want to be happy!  Growing better is simple and involves mindset, behavior, and results.  The activities that we do are formed from our mindset.  If you have a negative mindset, your results will probably be poor and vice versa.   What are your goals and results that you are looking for in your business?  Now think of some behaviors that you do to achieve those things.  How can you shift your mindset to achieve the goals you are looking for?

Jeremy also explained 3 ways to use your website to drive more sales, presupposing that you are already getting people to your website.

Traditional marketing as we know it is dead because of the internet and because of how content is out in the world today. There are several cultural and behavioral shifts that have happened to create this marketing change.  Before marketing was more of a funnel effect, with customers as an afterthought.  Now marketing is more like a flywheel, with customers at the center.  Today’s businesses must use their marketing, sales, and service teams in order to be efficient and grow.  The flywheel needs to have those 3 areas spinning with the customer at the center in order to work.  Anything friction that prevents the wheel from moving will slow down your business.


DO determine your product/service FAQ’s

DO create unique messaging on key pages

DO set an away message

DON’T use the same bot on every page



DO create a quiz

DO provide value upfront

DO create “delightful moments”

DON’T be unavailable



DO offer something relevant

DO be strategic

DO make it appealing

DO create a sense of urgency

DON’T use a pop-up on every page


Target markets for Atomic Design & Consulting are Corporate, Small Business and Individuals mostly dealing with CMO, Directors of Marketing, and Marketing Coordinators.

Key verticals they serve are Consumer Products, Consumer Services, Hospital and Healthcare, Manufacturing, Technology – SaaS (Software as a Service).

How can you help?

A Leads = New Website / Market Projects

B Leads = Website or Marketing Analysis

C Leads = Ongoing Website Maintenance or Service


Michelle Spangler, Infused Oils and Vinegars, asked if you can add a chatbot to an already existing platform (i.e. Spotify)?  Yes, you can!  It’s just a JavaScript that goes into the website and loads the chatbot.  And there are no copyright issues and most importantly – it won’t break the website!

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