DEA Meeting: Atomic Design and Consulting

Jeremy Bermender with Atomic Design and Consulting introduced his wife, Candace, and Jackie Bese, the owner of Atomic DC, who were visiting with us!  At their Booksigning Thursday (11am-1pm), they will have a drawing for a free SEO audit, valued at $700-$1000!

Some awesome stats about Jeremy:  he graduated with a BS in Criminal Justice from CSU Chico, used to live 5 minutes from Disneyland, married Candace in 2015, once carried an entire sofa on his back (“I don’t mind doing heavy lifting!”), plays the guitar, owns power tools, hates hiking, and his favorite movie is Top Gun!  Jeremy came into the marketing industry through design and website development.

Atomic Design and Consulting comes alongside other companies to make them more successful.  With powerful digital marketing, they create powerful ideas, results and relationships.  Atomic DC has been in digital marketing for over 15 years.

Atomic Design and Consulting is an industry leader in SEO business for local and national markets.  There was $65 billion spent on SEO in 2017!  That is what businesses are spending to be found organically.

Jeremy shared some case studies of their SEO clients.  Ground Smart Rubber Mulch had a problem with their traffic.  It was good, but they needed to take it to the next level.  In 3 months, Atomic DC got them 30% more traffic to their website, increased brand awareness and 33% more online sales.  This is possible!  SEO works!  Vince Hagan is an industry-leading concrete batch plant manufacturer.  Atomic DC increased their organic traffic by 48%.

How did they get these results?  Atomic has some great tools that can track a company’s ranking in various search engines and see how much their rank has changed.  Their Call-tracking metrics tool can track where calls come in from and even record the call to help you drive business decisions.  This information is tremendously helpful to allow you to adjust your SEO and marketing campaigns!

Leads:  A – their sweet spot is companies with $10-$30 million/year in revenue; they also work with lots of local businesses with lower revenue; B – those looking for more traffic and leads; C – those that want to continue to get traffic!

Look up Atomic DC at and follow them on Twitter @atomicdc.  They always put out tips and good stuff that is happening in the area and industry.

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