DEA Meeting: Atomic Design and Consulting

Darren Gardner introduced Jeremy Bermender, the Vice President of Atomic Design and Consulting.  Jeremy has lots of certifications with Google, Hubspot and many others!  He has a degree in Criminal Justice!

Atomic Design and Consulting is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency and has now switched from the SEO category to the Website category in the DEA!  About Atomic:  “We are innovators with the good sense to believe in what we’ve built.  We’ve done our damndest to build a one of a kind agency – stacking it to the rafters with talented people and partners that share our passion to work and play hard.”

Websites are primarily consumed on mobile devices and should be designed for that.  Most companies start creating a better website because either their website doesn’t represent their company anymore or their website is awful and their competitors are taking advantage if it.

Design Matters!

Jeremy showed us some good and bad websites.  You want to make it easy and abundantly clear how to get the information wanted.  A good website is clean with easy navigation and most of the information “above the fold” or before you have to scroll.

Is your website helping or hurting?  If it is too slow or difficult, people are leaving your site and going to your competitor!

Google is used in 90% of user searches.  There are so many things that make Google love your website.  Jeremy distilled it down to “EAT”:  Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthy.  Content should be your focus; the way you are drawing people in and engaging them to buy whatever it is that you do.  “Content is King but the user is Queen.”  Does the user stay on your page?  Are they engaging?  The market is never wrong!  We should speak to the user in a way that they want to hear, in a way that makes sense to them.

How to use your website to DRIVE MORE SALES!

Information and marketing power is on the buyer’s side now with online resources offering so much content without talking to anyone.  The old methodology of viewing marketing as a funnel which would narrow to sales and finally customers doesn’t work anymore.  Now the focus of marketing is the flywheel with the customer at the center and the process around them of marketing, sales, and service; then when the customer is delighted, they recommend the business and push the wheel.  The faster it spins the more successful you will be at business.  If friction occurs, there is less opportunity for them to do business with you.  Friction occurs any time the user has to jump through extra hoops or their goal is delayed or impeded.

The Inbound Methodology shows how to attract strangers who become visitors which can be converted to leads, closed as customers, and when they are delighted they become promoters!

At the end of last year, Atomic started offering Hubspot CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) similar to SalesForce or Microsoft Dynamics.  Hubspot is software that integrates into your website and Jeremy touched on 3 of its features.  (1)  Hubspot uses a pillar page to link the related pages for content strategy.  This tells Google that you are an authority on that topic.  Hubspot helps you visualize and plan the content for your website.  (2) Leadscoring is set up to define a user as a more qualified buyer if they select certain pages.  (3) Hubspot also allows you to see the users that are on your site and what they are doing.

Evaluate your Website!

Look at your website from the perspective of your audience.  Does it look and feel outdated?  Is it difficult to navigate?  Does it take a long time to load?  Is it not content managed?  Is it not mobile-friendly?  Does it not have a strong call to action (CTA)?

Target Market

Atomic’s target market is corporate, small business and individuals.  They often work with the CMO, Director of Marketing, or Marketing Coordinators.  They serve vertical markets like architects, health, travel, banking, consumer products, manufacturing, non-profit, retail, and many more!  Atomic is currently looking for networks that have influence with:  Bell & Robinson Helicopters, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Fossil, Jack Henry and Associates, and Allen Edmonds.


A-leads are all of the verticals and personas mentioned above.  B-leads are a website project with a DEA member.  C-leads are website maintenance or support.

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    Great meeting by Atomic Design & Consulting! Very informative and useful information on website design, Hubspot CRM & content strategy

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