DEA Meeting: Art That Grows

You know how some homes have beautiful landscapes and some look overgrown or muddy?  What we do is create those landscapes that are not only beautiful but low maintenance and sustainable.  In fact, we can show you how to get your investment back after 5 years while you enjoy your garden!

Denise Koval learned drawing from Professor Mike Lennon from Kansas State University and horticulture from Professor Clyde Butler from Texas A&M; she taught herself everything else!  Initially, Denise brought in and sold tropical plants from Belize and Mexico; each trip took 1.5 months and it was getting tiring!  With the devastation of the 1979 Dallas ice storm, she started out just helping her neighbors clean up and eventually launched her landscape company.

Art That Grows rescues and trims trees, does fountains, irrigation, patios, pathways, decks, gazebos, stone walls, even artificial turf and much more!  They also do problem solving for issues like drainage, retaining, security and privacy, as well as manipulation of small spaces to make them beautiful!

All the work is done by people who work for Denise; some have worked for her for over 20 or 30 years!  Typically, she works in a price range of $2,000 –  $100,000.  She is happy to work with any client, sometimes even just trouble-shooting, but $20,000 – $80,000 is her sweet spot.

Check out  to see some of the amazing before-and-after pictures of some of her works of art!


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