DEA Meeting: Alamo Title

Ted Biggers introduced Tessa Bache-Wiig and Alamo Title – Biggers Law Firm.  Ted is a lifetime Dallasite and a 3rd generation attorney.  Ted’s grandfather was a charter member of the DEA!  Ted’s father joined the firm in the late 50’s and Ted joined in the late 80’s.  After their sons were raised, Kathryn Biggers, also an attorney, came to work at the Law Firm.  They have always done a lot of Real Estate transactions, but couldn’t close the transactions.  A few years ago, they were contacted by Alamo Title and asked if they were interested in being a Title company.  Kathryn has headed up the Title company.  They brought in Tessa almost two years ago to help them with their closings and their development and she has been a wonderful addition to their firm!

Tessa shared about the importance of Title Insurance and the benefits of using Alamo Title – Biggers Law Firm.  Title insurance is needed by home buyers, residential and commercial real estate investors, tenants (to protect their lease-hold interests), and lenders.  Basically, anyone who wants to protect their real estate investment needs Title Insurance.

Title Insurance protects the insured against a defective title and against financial loss.  It insures against events of the past and covers attorney’s fees and court costs for defending your title and will pay for covered losses.  Lawsuits can be time-consuming and expensive!  Title insurance provides peace of mind!  There are both owners’ and lenders’ policies and with a one-time premium, the insurance is good for as long as the insured or their heirs own the property.  Real estate is one of the most expensive investments we make!  It is important to protect yourself with Title Insurance!

Title Insurance protects from risks (both legitimate and false claims) and loss caused by events that occurred before you owned the property.  Some of those risks are “hidden risks” such as fraud, forgery or incapacity of a party to sign.  Other covered risks include recorded defects (like judgments or liens) or claims due to marital or divorce issues.

Alamo Title Company has been providing services since 1922.  As a member of the Fidelity National Title Group, they are backed by financial strength.  They can write a single policy amount (before reinsurance) of up to $1.2 Billion!  Alamo Title is the largest in the nation.

Alamo Title Company and the Biggers Law firm offers a unique combination of industry knowledge, experience and financial strength.  All of these help them to successfully protect your investment!  They are not just a title company, but also have a law firm in-house!  You can expect professionalism, confidentiality, transparent closing and escrow process, and dedication.  As a Title office, they have intentionally remained small so they can give the focus and dedication to each transaction to make sure everything is done correctly and timely.

The Texas Department of Insurance sets title insurance premiums so they are the same across the board.  Alamo Title – Biggers Law Firm distinguishes themselves by their service and client-focused transactions.  They are committed to providing excellence, professionalism and ethical service.  They make sure the post-closing resolution is complete!  Think of Alamo Title – Biggers Law Firm anytime you are closing for residential, commercial, loan transactions, refinances, and leasehold and you can “Close with Confidence!”

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