DEA Meeting: A-Star Plumbing

Steve Wilson has been in the DEA over a decade and is a Past President.  Steve said it is good to be back!  A-Star has reinvigorated their business, with Steve still doing the residential side.

Aaron Williams, the General Manager at A-Star, shared with us about their commercial business.  A-Star Heating and Air started in 1997, primarily installing systems for other companies.  Now, they have 82 employees and 27 trucks!  They do work for multiple municipalities:  Irving, Fort Worth, and Dallas.  They do both remodeling and installation.  In 2011, the A-Star Plumbing division was created.

Aaron has worked for DOD and Ft. Hood as well as municipality infrastructure.

A-Star works with commercial, municipality, maintenance, new construction, remodel, solar heating, and commercial service.  They fabricate many of their products in-house.  Their work is turn-key:  they cut the streets, do the work, and put everything back!  They have done work at Dallas Love Field and DFW Airport; the TSA is interesting to work with!  They have done a lot of work with restaurants and bars; they love re-purposing old buildings!

Last October, A-Star Plumbing incorporated A-Star/Wilson Heating, Air & Plumbing.  They round-out the A-Star group with residential service work.  Their websites are and, with monthly online specials.

A-Star works with several organizations to offer a helping hand, like City Square and The Bridge, offering training and assistance to help people get past hard times.  They also work with the City of Dallas to use a grant to do minor plumbing repair for low-income residents.  The “Throne for Your Home” program allows those in Dallas to get a certificate from the city to get a more water-efficient toilet.  A-Star is an EPA Water Sense partner.  A-Star holds a DIY training program two times a year with hands-on opportunities to learn how to fix things!

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