DEA Meeting: A-Star Heating & Air

Steve Wilson introduced Edgar Esparza, Alex Esparza’s son, of A-Star Heating & Air.  They’ve taken Heating & Air service to a whole new level!

In 1996, Alex Esparza founded A-Star Heating and Air when he was 24 years old.  He is currently the CEO!  Alex was influenced by two jobs he held, first with a maintenance company and then with AABC Heating and Air.  These positions helped him fine-tune the abilities he needed and witness what it took to run and work for a great company.  His dream fueled the drive to build a better company!

A-Star had 10 employees in 2007 and grew to 20 in 2011.  The company started in their home and, as they have grown, they are now in their 4th location.  They became one of the largest install companies in the DFW Metroplex and now sell and service major brands.  They have a long list of certifications!  There are two, equally successful divisions.  A-Star Commercial Construction has done large projects like the Irving Mall, a hotel in Midlothian, and the Kohl’s E-fulfillment Center.  A-Star New Construction division was started in 2013 and does work for new construction tract homes as well as custom luxury homes.  In 2016, A-Star completed 850 installs, including installations for some of the largest buildings in DFW.  In 2016, Wilson became an affiliate of A-Star.

Today, A-Star has more than 80 employees.  It started with a dream.  Drive kept it alive and diligence allowed A-Start to become what it is today!

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