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Michael Bosco, SafeHaven Pest Control, introduced Matt Spellman, TIG Real Estate, via written letter read by Keith Brown in Michael’s absence.  {From Michael} Sorry I could not be here today to introduce Matt personally. I am currently enjoying the 65-degree weather on a lake house in upstate New York so don’t feel too sorry for me.  Hopefully Keith Brown can read this, I took some of the larger words out to make it easier.  Which Keith admitted, his wife only had to help him with a few of the words!

Matt has been a fantastic commercial real estate agent, representing me in two commercial building purchases.  I knew little to nothing about commercial properties (which Keith added – was no surprise) from understanding construction types to commercial roofs. Matt knew all the owners and agents and could rattle off price per ft for all the buildings on the market as well as their conditions.  Not to mention the back story of why each building was on the market so we could make an educated offer based upon the building, as well as the urgency of each seller.

The first building on Wall Street in Garland was a 10,000 square feet tilt wall construction fully furnished with desk and a phone system.  Then he was able to work a new roof out of the sellers on their insurance.  I purchased that building over six years ago and it has since increased in value over 30% plus has positive cash flow income from a renewed 5-year lease.  What more could you ask for from an agent. We are fortunate to have Matt Spellman as part of DEA!

Matt Spellman began by saying that TIG Real Estate does it all.  The company consists of 5 office in Arlington, Austin, Houston, San Antonio and they just bought a new building in Dallas that they are getting ready to move into. TIG also employs over 100 full time professionals including 11 property managers, 21 leasing agents, 5 degreed accountants and 2 Certified Public Accountants.

Matt grew up in Corpus Christi, TX.  And when you grow up on the beach you really can’t get into trouble!  Unfortunately, he has no good high school stories to tell!  He felt he was a smart kid, but attention to detail tended to move away from him.  He is also an ordained minister and has performed for family and friends – he is not normally for hire, but if anyone needs to get married, give him a call!  And he thought about joining the Optimist Club, but he knew there was no way he was getting in!

Matt then taught everyone about Lead Generation and how important it is.  He gave everyone 4 confidential leads (obviously to be kept in this room or given to your kids and grandkids!).  If you are ever in Corpus Christi or Port Aransas, there are 4 places to go to fish where you will ALWAYS catch a fish!

Lead 1: Roberts Point Park – it is just to the right of the ferry landing.  The channel is just north of the rock structure.  Anytime the water is brown or stirred or the winds are out of the wrong direction – you will catch fish on every single cast!  It is protected water and not everyone knows it is there.

Lead 2: Port Aransas Municipal Park – to catch flounder, stay close to the rocks.  And in the middle, that is where the trout will be!

Lead 3: South Jetty – this is where the water is good! All the trout and redfish will be here!  Where the beach meets the rocks, if they go any deeper, they become prey!

Lead 4: Caldwell Pier – go to the 2nd light between 9:00pm to midnight.  Throw your lure at the edge of the lights and you will catch trout every other cast!

Don’t use live shrimp or anything, you just need 4” swimming mullet either chartreuse or white.  If you have a boat or a kayak, see Matt and he’ll let you know where you need to go!

Matt started his career with DHL.  All his buddies went into dental and medical supplies sales and he didn’t want to do that.  So, he decided to try the freight business and supply chain.  Little did he know that his lack of attention to detail would really kill him in this business!  He tried sales but found that clients he brought onboard would be serviced by someone else within the company.  And if it was lost, he didn’t get paid. He also tried Pilot freight services, but realized it was not the business he really wanted to be in.

It was then that a friend introduced him to a gentleman who owner a real estate company.  There were 30 people in the boiler room type interview, which also had one prerequisite – that you had to have been a college athlete.  Matt told the gentlemen, “I don’t really like math, I don’t mind working, and I don’t mind the word no.” and that began his career at Mercer Company.  Back then you were expected to put in long hours – in the office by 7am, out in the field by 9am, pounding the pavement until the deals were done. He worked there for 5 years until his son was born and it was then that he realized there is no amount of money that is worth not seeing your children grow up, in his opinion.  He went from there to TIG Real Estate which has been a great fit for him.  They let him do what he does best and gave him a bunch of kids to train and to train his way.  Most of his business is generated through cold calling, this gets you a better idea of what you are doing.  You can put eyes on the building and are better able to help and educate your clients.  TIG Real Estate handles investment sales, retail, office and industrial properties.  The key for TIG is the property management.  The management portion can be overwhelming and tiresome to investors and TIG handles that well.  And his advice is to always answer your phone and to treat every client like they are your only client!

Rob Eads asked Matt what the philosophy was on hiring only athletes.  Matt replied that it showed they had discipline, can have thick skin, and are able to work with a team.

Ron Schulz asked if he handled passive investor deals as well.  Matt said Absolutely!

Tom Seath asked if there was a square footage size he wanted to work with.  Matt said no minimums for any DEA members, he’s happy to work with what anyone needs.  On the street, he would be looking for 5,000 to a million square feet.  The largest building, he just recently sold was 700,000 square feet.


Learn more about TIG Real Estate here!


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  1. Erika Herman says:

    What a great presentation this morning! Informative and entertaining at the same time! Thanks for sharing your business and the fishing tips with us! (I don’t fish but I will share with my son!) Looking forward to getting to know you better! Welcome to the DEA

  2. Maude Cejudo says:

    I enjoyed your fishing tips. The presentation was informative. I like knowing how vested your company in knowing the property they handle.
    Dr Maude Cejudo

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