DEA Meeting: Staff One

Mark McDaniel introduced Heather Wood, who went to High school in Florida and graduated from Florida State.  Within the first 3 minutes, sitting down with Heather, she got Mark talking about himself and she was making fun of herself in the next 3 minutes!  He likes someone who can laugh at themselves!  She really cares about the community!  Heather is a great person who will fit in well with this group; she is committed, loyal, and wants to make sure that you win!

One of Heather’s favorite quotes is “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different” ~ Coco Chanel!  How do we do that?  It is by our experiences.  Each one of us is so very different because of all of our experiences.  Heather was born in Michigan, where her girls are visiting with their Papa for two weeks!  Her daughters are Aaron (12), going into 7th grade, and Morgan (8).  They have a blended family with Mike, her significant-other who is active military, his 21-year old in college and 10-year-old boy.  They also have 3 Chiweenie dogs, which are a mix of a Chihuahua and weenie dog, Lucky, Piper and Sarg.

Heather started her career at Winn Dixie in Florida as a cart attendant and bagger, determined that she was going to be the best cart attendant Winn Dixie ever had!  At 16 she became a cashier and then went into management with Eckerd drug as an assistant manager – a walking lawsuit!  Her mentor knew she had passion and desire, which he couldn’t teach, so he took her under his arm to teach her the skills to move her career forward.  Heather learned about boundaries, how you present yourself, how to conduct an interview, thinking outside the box with merchandising and much more!  She put herself through college with Eckerd drug.  Initially, Heather thought she wanted to go into nursing, but realized she didn’t have that warm, fuzzy bedside-manner and she decided to go into fashion merchandising.

Heather finished college, got married, got those two beautiful red-headed girls and started in sales working for InterCall (telecommunications with conference calls).  With them, she learned how we communicate.  She was with them for several years and then went into applicant tracking systems, which helped her understand how to make sure companies can work better and more efficiently.  That brought her full-circle to Staff One, where she is able to utilize her experience to work with companies.  As a parent, she loves that Staff One allows her to put her family first; every week that she has her children, she is home by 3:30; her children come first!

Heather’s grandmother was a WWII Veteran, one of the first female Marines.  Heather had some of the afghans her grandmother made and took them to the VA hospital; they were ecstatic!  Many Veterans come home to no family; Mike is a perfect example of that:  he was served his divorce papers while embedded in the Afghan military and he came home to no one.  On a quarterly basis, she takes about 25 afghans that she has knitted to the VA hospital, so that our Veterans know that they are loved!

Heather also loves antiquing!  Each of her pieces has a story.  Just like when she meets with each of you, each of you have a story.  Heather is so looking forward to hearing each one of your stories.  The better she knows you, the better she will be able to refer great opportunities over to you!

Some opportunities that would be great for you to send over to Heather are any business owners looking to expand their company, that want to work outside their company, not inside the company.  Great networking opportunities are business attorney’s, CPA’s, anybody that is dealing with taxes, or business consultants.

Heather welcomes all of us to her Open House at her home (3012 Canyon Valley Trail, Plano, TX 75075) from 4-7pm to get a little more of a glimpse inside Heather.

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