DEA Meeting: ProActive Leadership Group

Darren Gardner, TEKSInc.,  has known Mike Mirau for over 7 years, and Mike has been his business coach for 4 1/2 years.  Mike graduated with 2 degrees from Texas A&M Commerce (Computer Science and Business).  He was the CIO for Interstate Battery, worked with Growth Coach and then started ProActive Leadership Group.  Mike is associated with Gazelle’s International Coaches.  He is a man of faith and a great coach!

Brian Eltis invited Mike to come to the DEA almost 7 years ago.  It is one of the best networking endeavors in the Metroplex; it works!

Mike grew up working in a family business.  He has been married 35 years, and has a daughter, Staci.

Why does ProActive Leadership Group exist?  to have a dramatic impact in the world at the epicenter of our economy, which is small, middle market and social sector organizations.  85% of people work in small business.  A small business owner has to wear about 8 hats, including technology and finances.  Nobody is a master of all of it!  ProActive’s goal is educating, empowering, inspiring business leaders to achieve the greatness that lies within themselves and their organizations.  You can do more than you realize!

What we believe – the We-attitudes:
  • We have the heart of a teacher
  • We value every relationship
  • We are always learning
  • We demonstrate excellence; it is a pursuit, nobody is perfect
  • We always tell the truth (feedback) with kindness
We help organizations get healthy and scalable:
  • Viable – survive the early years and get profitable
  • Sustainable – be able to maintain profitability 3 consecutive years and grow
Scalable – mastered the 4 decisions you have to get right to scale:
  • Strategy – can you state it simply and is it producing industry-leading growth?
  • People – are all your stakeholders happy and engaged and would you enthusiastically rehire all of them?
  • Cash – do you generate consistent sources of cash to fuel the business?
  • Execution – are you consistently achieving your objectives, improving speed, quality, and driving customers and team member satisfaction?
How do we do what we do?
  1. The Strategic Excellence Program – a 12-month program to make sure you have the infrastructure in place so you can grow.
  2. ProActive One on One coaching – individuals trying to go to the next level but don’t know how to do it.
  3. ProActive Business Forum – peer-based coaching; has been on hiatus, looking to start-up again latter half of this year.
  4. ProActive Scaling Up Workshops – here in Dallas in December
  5. Gazelles/Fortune Growth Summits – bring in top thought leaders in the world for 2-days; intense, great chance to learn and network.

Why ProActive?  Their experience, tools, resources, and track record.  The only people who don’t succeed in this are the people who don’t do the work.

Everybody needs a coach!  Choosing the Right Coach?  4 + 1 Rule of Thumb:
  • Content – experts on the right content for what y0u want to do
  • Credibility – experience you need
  • Cash – do you see a clear ROI; it has to make financial sense
  • Chemistry – will you enjoy working with them?  are your core values similar?
  •  + 1 Question for the CEO: am I willing to make a comittment for a period of time?

Referrals: Organizations with revenue between $3mm – $100mm; the type of business doesn’t matter.  People with desire to have a culture of accountability, fun, and results focused, desire to have a process to get where they want with a clear road map, coachable and with tenacity.

  1. Free DISC Profile for you and your team (value $75 each).  Send email to with names and email addresses of people you want to take the profile.
  2. Free Organizational Health Assessment for your organization (value $1500).  Send email to with names and email addresses of people you want to take the survey.

Join us at the Open House, 5 to 7:30pm at 6600 LBJ Fwy, Ste 140, Dallas, TX 75240.  Chef Mark is catering!  There will be wine and other beverages, great networking and fun!

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