DEA Meeting : Verdant Grounds

Michael Bosco, SafeHaven Pest Control, met Jonathan Schlimme, Verdant Grounds, 4 years ago through some other people in the industry.  The thing that impressed him the most about Jonathan is how much he loves what he does and is extremely caring about his customers.  In an industry where the owners can be very separated from what happens on the ground, Jonathan is right there with the client through the entire process and is very passionate about all aspects of it.  He runs a great crew and has surrounded himself with great consultants and advisors to help him grow his business in a careful, organic way with all the right intentions.

Jonathan moved to Dallas in 1998 with his family.  He later attended UTD in Dallas where he graduated with a BS in Accounting.  He knew going into school that he wanted to own his own company one day.  He figured he could teach himself marketing and sales, and some business background – but he could not teach himself Accounting…so he went with that degree!  Jonathan is married to Anna, who is originally from Charleston, SC.  He enjoys getting to travel there to see her family.

What is Verdant Grounds?

It is a landscape design, build, and maintenance company specializing in Residential Landscaping.  He founded the company in 2011 but had previously done landscape work in the past and throughout college. When he finished college, he knew he wanted to re-brand the company and focus on high-end residential homes in Dallas. He now has 14 employees and 4 crews.  Verdant Grounds is a smaller boutique company that concentrates mostly in the North and Northeast Dallas inner city area.  That enables him to be onsite and checking on projects.

What do they do?

They transform and enhance your outdoor living space!  They work in 3 service areas: Construction/Installation, Irrigations & Water Management, and Garden Services.

Garden Services is ongoing maintenance and “spin-offs” or extra small jobs for existing customers.  Their maintenance centers around High Touch Horticulture which means they are focused on the plants and making sure that those plants look good.  He also offers enhancements, which improves the property with small changes and working mostly what is already there.

Construction (or Installation) is working on all new stuff! Jonathan showed several pictures of a spec home he recently completed.  Jonathan shared pictures of the construction process from the beginning stages of irrigation to completion.

Irrigation and Water Management is new to Verdant Grounds this year.  Previously, they subcontracted this work – but they have now brought it in house, which enables them to provide faster turn around time to customers.

Darren Gardner asked if they did artificial turf?  They do…and are currently installing 2,000 sq. ft. of artificial turf at a home.  Unlike other landscape companies, they do artificial turf in house.  It’s a great product and works well in shady areas where it is hard to grow grass.

Tessa Bache-Wiig asked if he will do any commercial landscaping.  Jonathan said he has a few small commercial clients, but his main area is residential.

Dr. Janell Kenny asked if his work is more seasonal?  Jonathan said there is some seasons, obviously spring but also fall is a great time for planting as well.  Yes, there are seasons, but maintenance wise he is working all year long.

Jonathan was also asked if he did tree trimming.  For large tree removals, he has some subcontractors he will hire or refer for those.  Minor trimming and tree removals he has an in house vendor that he uses.  So yes, he can handle those!

To see more beautiful pictures of Verdant Grounds work, click here.

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