DEA Meeting: How to Build High Performing Teams with Gary De Rodriguez

Ron Schulz shared that one of the hardest things we have to learn in business is that we can’t do everything ourselves.  That means that we have to do one of the most excruciatingly painful things: build a team!  We have to hire and manage people, manage egos and personalities and how they get along.  He welcomed Gary De Rodriguez, CEO Peopleistic USA, to tell us how to navigate that swamp, speaking on “How to Build High Performing Teams”!

Peopleistic USA is a global consulting company with 3 offices:  Australia, Dallas, and Singapore.  Their book was published in 2015 on installing the strategies of conscisous capitalism into organizations.  They begin by focusing on the top values and design the mission and vision from those values.  This is essential whether you are an entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 company.  People buy to the why not the what!  You need to give them the big why  for why you do what you do; they buy because of a feeling not data and information.

It is important that we choose the right people for the right roles!  People excell in their right roles!  If you hire anyone without the Extended DISC behavioral profiling tool or some other assessment tool, you are hiring blind.  Communication preferences in all the DISC styles are distinctly different.  One person can destroy the culture of a high-performing team.   If we discern the styles of people we have when hiring and educate our teams on the distinct differences in communication styles and why people need to be different, then they start understanding that we are meant to be different.  Diversity makes a stronger team.  If we want high-producing, high-performing teams that are creating profit for us, we have to be able to get the right people in the right roles and train them in fundamental self-leadership, leadership skills, people intelligence and how to resolve problems collectively.

Business success is like baking cookies…you must have the right ingredients:  strategy, empowered people, DATA, process mapping, operations, and systems.  One reason most projects fail is lack of strategy; goals need strategy to fulfill them.  The more congruent and aligned we are with our big why, the more we live our word, then the more confident and more empowered we are as people.  This is why doing in-depth coaching for yourself is a vital aspect of any level of success.  You also have to gather the right data and you have to know what to measure to see if you are on the right track to your objectives.  Process mapping is going through each one of your processes and writing out the strategy of how you do each one of them; in that, you will discover issues that have stopped your processes from working smoothly and you can correct them.  This gives a clear strategy for operations and for honing your systems.

Gary has been called a people mechanic.  He helps leadership to work through their personal stuff so they can take that out of the equation of how they are interracting with their teams.  If the leadership is misaligned, they have to do the work to make themselves safe.  According to a massive study on culture by Google:  culture eats strategy for lunch!  No matter how great your strategy is, if your culture isn’t right, you won’t have the people buy-in to roll out your strategy and the whole thing will fall apart.  Psychological safety is the one fundamental, foundational principal to great culture!  You can’t create psychological safety if you have a reactive personality, which is from unresolved issues from the past.  Unless they clean up themselves, they cannot lead.  Peter Drucker said that leadership is not about being clever, it is about being consistent, congruent, and being value driven.

Self-leadership is the foundation to all leadership developement; you have to transform self before you can ever transform a team.  The next step is to train people intelligence, which involves the DISC profile, influencing strategies and how to hold difficult and complex communication both one-on-one and for teams.  Finally, they work with problem solving and innovation: they train 7 different perspectives on how to work to a problem.  You give your teams a voice in this process of problem solving.

Humanistic Business: Profit through People with Passion and Purpose is the book written by Gary and the other CEO’s of Peopleistic.  It is about how to install conscious capitalism into organizations.  Their process outperformed the Good to Great companies, measured over 3-, 5-, and 10-years.  Empowered people create your profit center with greater staff retention and more satisfied customers.

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