Works with Nest is Now Worked with Nest by Keith Brown


The Works with Nest program is ending, drawing attention to the instability within the DIY home automation market for Dallas smart home owners.

Google recently announced the end of the Works with Nest Program, effective August 31. The Works with Nest Program provided the API, or Application Programming Interface, which allowed Nest devices to interact with other technologies such as Control4 smart homes, Lutron Caseta, IFTTT and hundreds of others. The end of the Works with Nest Program means much of the functionality that homeowners have enjoyed will no longer exist outside of the Nest App or Google Home ecosystem.

Google has announced a new program called Works with Google Assistant, but it will not provide an API for developers, meaning Google will be able to pick and choose who to “play with”, limiting options for end-users.

The most immediate effect of this for current Nest users is that once they convert their Nest account to a Google account, any functionality based on the Works with Nest Program will be broken. This doesn’t mean that Google will move entirely away from the Nest app, as it will still be needed for registering new devices and alerts from Nest cameras.

This move underscores the reason companies like Audio Video Innovations try to avoid mass market products like Nest when possible. Because of the size of the custom market, we don’t have the ability to sway Google’s decisions. Those using the Works with Nest Program make up a relatively small portion of their market, and as a result are of little concern when strategic decisions are made.

Companies like Lutron, Savant, ELAN and Control4 have a proven history of providing long term support for their products and the functionality they offer. While a competing thermostat from a company like Aprilaire may not look as cool as a Nest, we trust that Aprilaire won’t make changes that break the functionality of existing installations. Unfortunately, this move provides more evidence that Google is among the companies who cannot be trusted in our installations.

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