Spring Break Tech Tips for Travelers by Keith Brown

Everyone is traveling for Spring Break, and we have tips to help them enjoy their trip, including keeping their Dallas smart homes safe.

Spring Break is almost here, and most of our Dallas clients will be traveling with their families. Read on for a few technology tips and tools to make your trip safer and more enjoyable.

Don’t Get Left Out

Many families now travel with no dedicated camera, depending on their phones for capturing their memories. While phones now take incredible photos, it’s easy to come home with an album full of photos featuring only most of the family. A simple travel tripod with a smartphone adapter runs less than $30, fits in a small bag and can help you get photos of the entire family when no one is around to assist you.

Also consider, if you are depending on strangers to take your photos handing over your phone may be more risk than many are comfortable with. If you think you may be doing that it may be worth carrying a small camera so you only risk losing photos, not your data.

A travel tripod for your smartphone allows you to be in your own photos when you venture away from your Dallas smart home.


The reality of devices running out of power while traveling is a common part of modern culture. Identity thieves have the ability to use public USB charging stations to skim your contacts, photos and even passwords from your phone. Consider the following to keep your data safe:

  • Always use your charging “brick” and plug into a receptable, not a USB outlet
  • Carry an external battery charger like our favorites from Jackery, Mophie and Anker
  • Employ a USB Data Blocker (a small device that protects your data while allowing you to recharge.)

Peace of Mind

One of the biggest distractions from a great vacation is worrying about what is happening at home. With a smart home from AVI you can keep your eyes on your home, so you can keep your mind on relaxing. A smart home from Control4Savant or ELAN allows you to monitor and control cameras, thermostats, lights, locks, security, shades and more. All this from anywhere in the world.

Remotely monitor your home while traveling with Control4 security surveillance and more so you know your Dallas Smart Home is safe while you are on vacation.

Quiet Time 

I am a huge fan of Apple AirPods, but when traveling I prefer headphones that help block noise from airplanes, noisy hotels and crowded airports. Bose Quiet Comfort headphones are the most popular for frequent travelers, but Focal Listen Wireless and Sennheiser HD 4.50 are my personal favorites. Contact us today if you need help finding headphones for your next trip or for watching a movie without disturbing your family.

Sleep Soundly

If you are a light sleeper, or trying to recover from jet lag so you can maximize your time away a good nights sleep is vital. A white noise machine can mean the difference between laying awake staring at the ceiling and sleeping soundly through the night for some. My personal take…stay away from cheap electronic speakers, and stick with units that use a fan to create a more natural, less tinny, sound. If you don’t have the space or desire to transport an extra device, free smartphone apps are available, but the sound quality may not work for some.

Reading Rainbow

Many travelers use vacation as a time to to catch up on their reading. While reading on your phone or tablet is convenient the effect on your battery can quickly outweigh the convenience. Traveling often necessitates higher than average phone use through wayfinding, monitoring travel schedules, taking pictures, and even cellular roaming. Reduce the strain on your battery with a physical book or eReader. Most eReaders will last an entire trip on one charge, and those with lighted screens are great for reading in hotel rooms, on airplanes and other situations where poor lighting can cause eye-strain.

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