SEO to Get Your Dallas Business Ranked by Jeremy Bermender

SEO to Get Your Dallas Business Ranked

As business professionals, we are constantly being reminded of the importance of search engine optimization or SEO. The internet is saturated with endless blogs, speakers, and agencies preaching SEO as the key to digital marketing success.

You’ve heard of SEO and you know you need to optimize, but how solid is your understanding of SEO and how to implement a winning strategy?

SEO 101

Conceptually, SEO aims to make your digital presence as visible as possible to your potential customers. In other words, if your business is carpet cleaning and located in the Dallas area – you’d want to rank for “carpet cleaning companies in Dallas” in Google.

Why is it so important to get your business in the top search results of Google? This is critical to your visibility. In a study done from online advertising network Chitika, the top three search results in Google get 60 percent of the online traffic with the top result receiving more than half of that percentage. Even more compelling is the data shows the first page of a search result harboring 92 percent of traffic and the second page traffic dropping to 3 percent.

Is this information alarming? Don’t worry. There are strategies and tips below to get your business to the top.

How are result rankings calculated?

This is the tricky part and that’s the point. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. work on the end user. Their goal is to connect a user to content that will provide the most value – this keeps the user engaged and coming back to their search engine time and time again.

Search engines (like Google) use an algorithm that judges websites on: readability, structure, reviews, keywords, quality of content, website associations and many other factors to rank listings.

Along with considering those ranking factors, search engines actively work to limit a websites ability to manipulate the algorithm. Search engine crawlers comb through the internet looking for shortcuts being used by websites to trick the engine into believing their website has more quality than it actually does.

Common mistakes search engines penalize, that should be avoided in your Dallas business:

Buying links – Your website being linked to other websites can positively reflect in your ranking, however paying for that link can be found out by search engines and will cause your ranking to decrease. As a Dallas digital marketing agency – we always use white-hat SEO techniques.

Slow loading pages – Do you hate waiting for slow pages to load? So do your visitors. Users will only wait for so many seconds before they leave your site in search of a faster experience. Large images, excessive code, or a slow web server can cause slow speeds.

Hiding Text – This is a sneaky trick developers use to increase text seen by search engines while hiding it from the user. Reason for doing this? Search engines love content and the more information you’re offering the higher your rating; however, if the search engine finds out you’re mining invisible text on the back end, they will penalize your website.

Advertising – Ads are excellent cash flow for your business but if your site is full of ads, it is taking away from the users’ experience. Your website visitors found your website for a reason and it was not to be bombarded with advertisements.

6 positive tips to boost your Dallas SEO

Better SEO should be a priority for every Dallas business. Pro Tip: take advantage of our complimentary quick audit to assess your business’ website. We are a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner and SEO agency experts working with Dallas businesses for over 16 years.

  1. Get Good Backlinks – Distance yourself from low value website associations. Link with the trusted and valuable websites, like Forbes or The New York Times, which search engines trust. Learn more about link building here.
  2. Structure – Your audience wants a simple navigation and structure – so do search engines. Your website planning should resemble a triangle, with the homepage being the most important and therefore at the top, below that should be supporting pages organized by relevance and quality of content.
  3. Keywords – If your business wants to be found for providing certain products or services, tell the search engine. How, use the terms you want to be searched for in your content. Now, don’t overdue this. If you are using keywords to the point the website becomes illegible, then you are doing too much. Learn more about keywords here.
  4. Original Content – Did you know you can search an image on Google? Yes, search engines are tracking images too. This means when you are filling your site with stock images, search engines track your images as unoriginal and do not reward you for it. Search engines crave. Use this to your advantage by using original images whenever possible.
  5. Reviews – Actively managing reviews can lead to higher SEO rankings, so stay engaged with customer reviews. The amount of reviews you receive, the variety of platforms you are reviewed on, and the rating score given to your business can all help or hurt your ranking. Not only does this factor into SEO, but also consumers take your reviews into consideration during the decision-making process. A lack of reviews or poor scores can send customers running as quickly as excellent scores can attract them.
  6. Be Local – Local businesses are ranked on Google using signals or factors to decide the order that local businesses appear in a search. Google does not reveal the importance given to each factor, so it is important to maintain equal effort in all categories.

Local Search Ranking Factors:

  • Link signals
  • My Business Signals
  • On-page signals
  • Behavioral signals
  • Personalization
  • Citation signals
  • My Business Signals
  • Review signals
  • Social signals

Dallas SEO Case Study:

Awntech is a Dallas-based awning manufacturing company that offers residential and industrial awnings designed with “Do-It-Yourself” assembly. Awntech hired Atomic Design & Consulting for their expertise in Dallas-based SEO. Awntech’s objective was to optimize their current website and leverage traffic to increase e-commerce sales.

Atomic improved Awntech website traffic through keyword research, optimizing title/meta descriptions, boosting website speed, and implementing A/B testing. These tactics were coupled by swapping Awntech’s subdued product page color scheme to their branded gold shade.

The result? Awntech increased sales by 174 percent within a year and gained 28 Google rank positions for keyword “retractable awning” in 30 days. You can learn more about that case study here.

Key Takeaway

Your SEO score will provide insight into the digital visibility of your website and brand. The tips featured in this blog can help your business get started but as always, hiring a professional agency to navigate the deep waters of SEO is always the best approach. Request a free website audit today and let, search engine optimization experts Atomic Design & Consulting in Dallas, improve your website SEO for you, while you get back to doing what you do best – running your business.

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