Cyber Security 101 by Keith Brown

Cyber Security can greatly affect high net worth individuals and their families. Out of date firmware on a router can leave a home open to hackers and data theft.


Can you remember the last time you updated the firmware on your router? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. In fact, a 2014 study found that less than half of IT professionals had updated their home router’s firmware, and less than a third even knew how to do so. Among Dallas smart home owners, I would wager the numbers are even worse.

So what’s the big deal, it still works, right? Sadly, as hacking vulnerabilities are brought to light, manufacturers release fixes via firmware updates. If you aren’t finding, downloading and installing those updates your router will remain vulnerable to attacks. In 2017 the technology firm Netgear released over 200 fixes for their routers, many of those dealing with hacking vulnerabilities.

On top of this, some manufacturers stop supporting older models after a few years, meaning that a router more than 5-years old might be causing issues, even if you thought you were staying on top of firmware updates.

If you are concerned about the security of your bank account information, your passwords and other private data, consider an easier way. Some routers, such as the Araknis routers that we recommend at Audio Video Innovations, are easy to maintain. In fact, we can remotely update the firmware on client’s routers remotely, meaning we can protect your families data without you having to lift a finger.

On top of that we are able up remotely update WiFi passwords, change internet filters, and even reboot your network when things aren’t working as they should. All of this can be done during a basic network audit, during which we will look to ensure that you are getting the speeds that you are paying for, that your data is safe, and that your WiFi is covering your home as it should.

If that sounds like something you could use call your salesperson, contact our office at 972.529.4470 or just click on the Chat feature below to get started ensuring your privacy.

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