24/7 Support From Audio Video Innovations by Keith Brown

iMac desktop computer with Parasol remote monitoring for Dallas Control4, Savant or ELAN smart homes.

The holy grail of service. You send a text, and like magic, your system is fixed.

As sad as I am to admit it, technology isn’t perfect. Things still break from time to time. What comes next, the service experience, is what makes the difference.

Audio Video Innovations has always taken pride in delivering a world-clas- service experience, which has become more challenging as we have grown. To ensure that we deliver the best possible experience we have developed a 24/7 service model, with dedicated support technicians available around the clock. If you call, email or text our support line you will be able to reach a support specialist that can immediately begin attempts to remotely resolve your issues.

OVRC is used to allow remote monitoring of Dallas Smart Homes including those with Lutron, Control4, Savant, ELAN and Sonos.

Our remote service capabilities include network and system monitoring, remote rebooting, and even proactive maintenance. This means that if your network crashes in the middle of the night a technician will be notified of the issue, and can attempt to correct it before you wake up in the morning. These capabilities have led to a 70% success rate in fixing issues remotely. When a technician is required to visit the site having detailed service tickets has resulted in more timely repairs, reducing the inconvenience for our clients.

This 24/7 support is a part of our client care packages, that also include features like pre-paid maintenance visits, priority scheduling and an app that allows you to perform basic functions like rebooting your cable box if you experience an issue.

Peace-of-mind is a great investment, and we have developed our client-care plans to provide just that. Our goal is to reduce the number of issues that you have, and to make the experience better when an issue cannot be avoided.

If you want the peace-of-mind that our 24/7 support provides don’t hesitate to call, text or chat today.

24/7 support in iOS text message for Dallas smart home with Control4, Savant, and ELAN

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