Chafetz, Dr. Paul

Helping you successfully manage life’s transitions…
Specialized psychological services for Dallas area adults.

Dr. Paul K. Chafetz, clinical psychologist and former university associate professor, is a full time private practitioner serving adults in Dallas, Texas.

Since 1982, he has provided psychological services to adults in Dallas. Dr. Chafetz welcomes the opportunity to serve clients and their families as they face life’s challenges through consultation and workshops on the following areas:

•Completing difficult transitions in the adult years.
•Loving difficult older parents or other relatives.
•Mental capacity to sign a new will, including possible undue influence.
•Mental readiness for life after full-time work or business ownership.

Classification: Psychologist

Paul K. Chafetz, PhD

8340 Meadow Rd., #134
Dallas, TX 75231


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Badge: 87

Date Joined: 08/2012


Dr. Paul Chafetz
Board Second Vice President

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