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What is the Dallas Executives Association?

The Dallas Executives Association was founded in 1935. It is a business service association operated for the individual benefit of its members, and not for profit as an organization.

The Dallas Executives Association is composed of a group of non-competing businesses in the Dallas area, each represented by a key executive. The sole function is to increase the sale of goods and services of its members through an exchange of business and an exchange of business information or “leads”.

How Does the Dallas Executives Association Work?

Could you use additional, top executive salespeople? This is exactly what the Dallas Executives Association provides each of its members. Through well planned, regular weekly meetings, members become part of a close-knit organization which is focused on increasing member business, marketing and business volume.

Weekly meetings provide members the opportunity to discuss, display and demonstrate their companies’ products and/or services.

Attendance is the key to exposure. All members are expected to attend the regularly scheduled meetings.

Contact Us at 214-528-1082 or trisha@dallasexecutives.com

Why Join?

What Are the Benefits of Membership? Your firm will benefit from additional executive salespeople who will help market your products ...

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