August 1, 2017

DEA Meeting: A-Star Heating & Air

DEA Meeting:

A-Star Heating & Air

Steve Wilson introduced Edgar Esparza, Alex Esparza's son, of A-Star Heating & Air.  They've taken Heating & Air service to a whole new level!

In 1996, Alex Esparza founded A-Star Heating and Air when he was 24 years old.  He is currently the CEO!  Alex was influenced by two jobs he held, first with a maintenance company and then with AABC Heating and Air.  These positions helped him fine-tune the abilities he needed and witness what it took to run and work for a great company.…

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A-Star Plumbing and Heating & Air Open House/Booksigning

A-Star Plumbing and Heating & Air Open House/Booksigning

Join us for a great time of networking and fun at A-Star Plumbing and Heating & Air's Open House at 418 Forest Gate Dr, Garland, Texas 75042 from 4:30-7:30pm!

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President Barbara Scribner welcomed everyone to meeting #4,584 of the DEA, celebrating 82 years!

Results reported to date for 2017 are $635,252 and Money Spent is $453,174!

Thanks to Heather Wood, Staff One HR, for a great program and open house!


Good News!

Mike Mirau, ProActive Leadership Group, had an article published on Forbes!  Check out the article:  The Importance of Relationship Building in the Digital Age!


30-Second Commercials!

Darren Gardner, TEKSInc., viruses are up!  A client took a phone call from "Mircrosoft" and with their help, got a worm.  Think before you click!  Microsoft and the IRS are not going to call you!  If you have questions, call your IT guy, TEKSInc!

Brad Swan, CopyNet Office Systems, we support the City of Frisco, Farmersville ISD and Rockwall and they have all purchased new equipment.  We have great prices on over sixty, 2-3 year old equipment from small desktop copiers to wide-format equipment!


There were no guests today.

Be sure to invite your guests to come next week!


The 7 Keys to Successful Networking

Next week's DEA Meeting, presented by Mike Mirau, ProActive Leadership Group

This is a great time to bring prospective members!


DEA Meeting, August 15

Come with great questions...and answers!

Another great time to bring prospective members!


Membership Promotion:  Receive $100 cash if you sponsor a new member!

What is better than cash?  Cash and a great friend or business associate!  Invite those you know to come check out the DEA!  If they become a new member, you will receive $100 cash!


 2nd Annual Fall Outing at Topgolf!

October 3rd, 6-8pm

~ in lieu of the morning meeting that day ~


August DEA Anniversaries:

~ Dr. Paul Chafetz (5 years!)

~ Complete Supply (13 years!)

~ Dr. Janell Kenny (44 years!)


Happy Birthday wishes to:

      6th – Jeff Halloran (Audio Video Innovations)

      7th – Teresa Cave (Take Time to Travel)


Board Report

Lauren Grammer, Topgolf, presented the Board Report for the week of July 25, 2017, which advised there was a total of 35 present with 1 guest recording:

• 33 “A” leads

• 22 “B” leads

• 32 “C” leads  

• 21 leads received

• $26,764 results

• $16,782 spent with members 

The Big Result Getters were CopyNet Office Systems and ProActive Leadership Group.  The Big Spender was Dr. Paul Chafetz.  The Big "A" Lead giver: CNC Home Care. The Big "B" Lead givers: Biggers Law Firm, Audio Video Innovations, and Frost Bank. The Big "C" Lead giver: Eye Doctor's Office.


Need a new Nametag?

If your dog ate yours, or it just vanished, please let Dianna know you need a new name tag!  No questions asked!



• The $30.00 raffle drawing was won by Michael Bosco, Safe Haven Pest Control!


• August 3, A-Star Open House

• August 8, The 7 Keys to Successful Networking

• August 9, Board Meeting

• August 15, Ask The Pro's

• August 22, Complete Mailing Partners

• August 24, Complete Mailing Partners Open House


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