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June 27, 2017

Celebrating Our 82nd Anniversary 1935 - 2017

DEA Meeting: Moore Insurance

Moore Insurance

Rich Parker introduced Mike Moore; he has known Mike's family for over 40 years!  Mike has been handling all of his personal insurance for over 4 years and when you call or email Mike, you get a reply quick!  Mike was the DEA president in 1999 and his grandfather was the DEA president in 1941!

Honorary Life Member Sam Crocket used to say, "This is the one place where we can say, 'Greed is good!  We all want more business!'"  Mike listed all the companies in the DEA he has done business with and those who have done business with him; he appreciates the opportunities as well as the good products and services he has received!

Mike reviewed the results from the insurance survey he gave to DEA members in May.  He emphasized the importance of having your home insured for replacement cost!  You also need to be prepared to substantiate what you own in case of a total loss.…

Read More to find out about Equipment Breakdown Coverage....


In lieu of a booksigning, Mike Moore held a drawing from those who completed his insurance survey.  The winners each received a $25 gift certificate to Itsy Bitsy Gifts, for embroidery and gifts.  The winners were Bud Terrell, My House Fitness, and Mark McDaniel, Remarkable Affairs Catering!  Congratulations!


No Open House this week.

No DEA Meeting next week! 

We look forward to seeing you July 11th!

DEA Meeting: Topgolf Dallas

President Ron Schulz welcomed everyone to meeting #4,580 of the DEA, in our 82nd year!

Results reported to date for 2017 are $516,327 and Money Spent is $363,310!

Thanks to Michael Bosco, Safe Haven Pest Control, for a great program and Open House!


Good News!

Chris and Aimee Boots closed on their house and moved in last week!  Congratulations to the new homeowners!

Dr. Paul Chafetz:  The first meeting of the new CODOP (Children of Difficult Older Parents) support group is tonight! The monthly meetings are free and open to the public, and held at Unit Church every fourth Tuesday from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Mark McDaniel, Remarkable Affairs Catering, we had a great Healthy Food Prep class last Saturday!  If you want a jump-start, let Chef Mark come in and help clean out your pantry!


30-Second Commercials!

Darren Gardner, Teks Inc.:  we are hiring good IT people - we need good referrals!


Happy Birthday wishes to:

• July 2 - Kirk Riddick (Sewell Infiniti)

• July 4 - Rob Eads (Call-Hold Marketing!)

• July 8 – Michael Bosco (Safe Haven Pest Control)

• July 9 – Kevin Taylor (Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management)

• July 10 – Jodi McShan (McShan Florist)


There were no guests today.

Be sure to invite someone to join us July 11th!


How long has it been?

Let's set the date for your next DEA presentation!

Currently, August 8, 15 and 29th and September 12th are available for you!


Board Report

Chris Boots, Halo Branded Solutions, presented the Board Report for the week of June 20, 2017, which advised there was a total of 36 members and no guests in attendance recording:

• 30 “A” leads

• 19 “B” leads

• 29 “C” leads  

• 19 leads received

• $46,755 results

• $7,808 spent with members 

The Big Result Getter was Innovative Roofing.  The Big Spenders were Emerald Business Solutions and Maude Cejudo.  The Big "B" Lead givers: Call-Hold Marketing, Take Time to Travel, Biggers Law Firm, and Complete Supply. The Big "C" Lead givers: Moore Insurance and Keller Williams Residential.



• The $30.00 raffle drawing was won by Braden Howell, New York Life!


• July 4, No DEA meeting: Happy Holiday!

• July 11, Top Golf

• July 12, 5:30 pm, DEA Board meeting

• July 18, A-Star Plumbing

• July 25, Staff One

• July 27, Staff One Open House/booksigning