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April 4, 2017

Celebrating Our 82nd Anniversary 1935 - 2017

DEA Meeting: Guest Speaker, Wick Allison, D Magazine Founder and Owner

DEA Meeting: Guest Speaker, Wick Allison, D Magazine Founder and Owner

Sonja McGill, with Bell Nunnally, introduced our guest speaker, Wick Allison, the founder and owner of D Magazine!  Allison Publications produces seven magazines, including D CEO, D Home, and D Weddings, as well as D Real Estate Daily and D Healthcare Daily. With its publications, websites, and blogs, the company serves 4.2 million readers a month.  Wick is also the president and CEO of the American Ideas Institute, headquartered in Washington, D.C. The Institute publishes The American Conservative magazine.  Sonja has enjoyed working with Wick on one of his other current projects: Coalition for a New Dallas: a Movement to Restore Dallas' Urban Neighborhoods.

You don't prepare for the future unless you know where you are coming from and who you are.  There are a particular series of events that created where we now live; there is a culture that arises out of that, that we have to be aware of.  To tell about this history, Wick started 2500 years ago in Athens.…

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No Open House/ Booksigning this week.

DEA Meeting: Guest Speaker, Terry Sullivan on LinkedIn

President Ron Schulz welcomed everyone to meeting #4,570 of the DEA, in our 82nd year!

Results reported to date for 2017 are $206,993 and Money Spent is $203,482!

Thanks to Braden Howell and Joy Simar of New York Life for a great guest speaker last week!


Good News!

Chris Boots, Halo Branded Solutions, has an offer in on an awesome house Scott and Barbara Scribner found for them, with Ron Schulz lining up the financing!

Marcello Guercini, Craddock Lumber, his oldest daughter got married on Friday!


30-Second Commercials!

Chef Mark, Remarkable Affairs Catering, has "delectable deliverables" and can provide all the food you need for your special event or even marinades and rubs to help make you an amazing grill-master!

Dr. Paul Chafetz: as his book inches toward publishing, if you know of anyone in the media, please let him know, so he can reach out to them.

Michael Bosco, Safe Haven Pest Control, it is the time of year termites are swarming!  If you see something questionable, send him a picture!


Congratulations to those celebrating their anniversary with the DEA in April:

• Audio Video Innovations - 3 years!

• Guaranteed Express Courier - 18 years!


Membership Proposal

The following firm has been approved for publication by the Board of Directors.  If you have an objection to this firm it must be submitted in writing to the DEA office no later than April 18, 2017.

Staff One HR

Heather Wood

8111 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, TX  75251
Classification:  Human Resource Outsourcing

Golf Outing! No DEA Meeting

Golf Outing - June 13th!

Join us at Cowboy's Golf Club on June 13th for a 1:30 shot-gun start!  For golfers, the fees include lunch, dinner and a great afternoon of golfing in between!  Prizes and raffle drawings at dinner!

$135.00 (if registered before 5/11)
$145.00 (registered after 5/11)
Hole Sponsor - $150.00
Lunch only - $37.50
Dinner only - $37.50
Lunch & Dinner - $62.50

Map Available....


Amending the DEA By Laws

The Board is recommending an amendment to the Dallas Executive Association By Laws to reduce and restructure the Board.  The full amendment will be emailed to all members soon and the vote will be held at the regular Tuesday morning meeting, at least 10 days later.  The proposed amendment will require approval of 2/3 of the membership in attendance at the meeting.

It is proposed that the new Board have 11 members consisting of 5 officers (Chairman, President, 1st VP, 2nd VP, Treasurer/Secretary), 2 Past Presidents and 4 At Large Members.  Five non-Past President members will be elected from 10 nominees by all qualified members; one of them will be chosen by the officers to become the new Secretary/Treasurer.  This will continue to give Past Presidents input while allowing newer members a greater opportunity to serve on the Board.

Members must be current in their dues to be qualified to vote.


Welcome to our guests today:

Sonja McGill, with Bell Nunnally, guest of Ron Schulz 

Wick Allison, with D Magazine, our speaker, guest of Ron Schulz


Board Report

Jennifer Blakeney, Guaranteed Express Courier, presented the Board Report for the week of March 28, 2017, which advised there was a total of 41 members in attendance (with 1 guest) recording:

• 36 “A” leads

• 31 “B” leads

• 41 “C” leads  

• 27 leads received

• $12,495 results

• $25,034 spent with members 

The Big Result Getter was Moore Insurance.  The Big Spender was CNC Home Care.  The Big "A" Lead givers:  CMC Rebar, Merrill Lynch, and CNC Home Care.  The Big "C" Lead giver:  Keller Williams.



• The $50.00 raffle drawing was won by Braden Howell, New York Life!


• April 5, Board meeting

• April 11, Guest Speaker, Terry Sullivan on LinkedIn

• April 18, My House Fitness

• April 20, My House Fitness Open House/Booksigning

• April 25, Merrill Lynch with guest Tim Kuhn, sharing their view of the markets