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February 21, 2017

Celebrating Our 82nd Anniversary 1935 - 2017

DEA Meeting: Guest Speaker Rebecca Cowle: The Bullet Train!

DEA Meeting: Guest Speaker Rebecca Cowle: The Bullet Train!

Rebecca Cowle with Texas Central Partners, shared an energetic presentation about their Bullet train! 

The train will provide trips between North Texas and Houston in less than 90 minutes, across 240-miles of high-speed rail line, at over 200 mph.  There will be departures every 30 minutes during peak periods each day, and every hour during off-peak periods, with time for system maintenance and inspection each night.  There will be 3 stations:  Dallas, Brazos Valley, and Houston …

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DEA Meeting: Ask the Pro's!

Next Week's DEA Meeting:

Ask the Pro's!

A great opportunity to benefit from the professional knowledge in the DEA!  Think about questions you could ask members in the room, which would benefit you and others.

Spring Evening Event: Wine at Aboca's Italian Grill

Reply to this email to reserve your spot at the DEA's Spring Evening Event: Wine at Aboca's Italian Grill

Email or call Dianna to make your reservations to join us at Aboca's Italian Grill from 6-8pm on March 21st for wine and heavy hor d'oeuvres and lots of fun!  The cost is $40/person or $75/couple!  Sign up today!  There will be no morning meeting that day, so you can rest up and be ready for the evening!  Be sure to invite prospective members and friends!


President Ron Schulz welcomed everyone to meeting #4,565 of the DEA, in our 82nd year!

Results reported to date for 2017 are $95,074 and Money Spent is $91,540!

Thanks to Mark Kinser, for a great presentation last week!


Good News!

Scott Scribner, Keller Williams: the Scribner's may get their 15 minutes of fame!  The History Chanel's "Swamp People" is going to be filming a big alligator on their family's land tomorrow!

Ron Schulz, Supreme Lending: last Friday, his mortgage group had their best one-day ever!  They closed 3 deals at the Ritz Carlton!


30-Second Commercial

Mark McDaniel, Remarkable Affairs Catering: our Personal Chef Service can help get you ready for Bikini season!  Team it up with My House Fitness and you will have your bases covered!


Happy Birthday Wishes!

• February 23rd - Andy Montgomery (Murphy Business & Financial Corp.)

• February 27th - Mike Mirau (ProActive Leadership Group)


Membership Proposal

The following firm has been approved for publication by the Board of Directors.  If you have an objection to this firm it must be submitted in writing to the DEA office no later than February 7, 2017.

Onin Staffing

David Ballard

2605 LBJ Freeway, Suite 100, Dallas, TX  75234
Classification:  Staffing - Office & Clerical


Welcome Visitors!

• David Ballard, Onin Staffing

• Loe Hornbuckle, Sage Oak Assisted Living, guest of Chris Clausen

• Heather Wood, StaffOne, guest of Joy Simar

• Dan Stansbury, guest of Mike Moore

• Captain Mike, Big D Cats, guest of Mike Moore

• Rebecca Cowle, Texas Central, our speaker


Board Report

Braden Howell, New York Life, presented the Board Report for the week of February 14, 2017, which advised there was a total of 44 members in attendance (with no guests) recording:

• 31 “A” leads

• 35 “B” leads

• 36 “C” leads  

• 25 leads received

• $38,374 results

• $30,445 spent with members 

The Big Result Getter was Remarkable Painting.  The Big Spender was New York Life.  The Big "A" Lead givers:  Remarkable Painting.  The Big "B" Lead giver:  Dr. Janell Kenny, Keller Williams.  The Big "C" Lead giver: Complete Mailing Partners, Dr. Janell Kenny, Keller Williams, Moore Insurance.



• The $45.00 raffle drawing was won by Braden Howell, New York Life!

• Dr. Paul Chafetz did a special raffle for a TopGolf prize, which was won by Mike Moore, Moore Insurance!


February 28, "Ask the Pro's"
March 7, Remarkable Affairs Catering
March 8, Board meeting, 5:30pm
March 9, Remarkable Affairs Open House/ Booksigining
March 14, Maude Cejudo, Inc.
March 16, Maude Cejudo, Inc. Open House/ Booksigning
March 21, NO DEA meeting:  Wine Tasting 6-8pm at Aboca's!