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December 20, 2016

Celebrating Our 81st Anniversary 1935 - 2016

Frost Bank

David Smith told us about the Frost Send Money App.  Before this, the only way to get money to someone else was to do a wire transfer or send a check.  The Frost Send Money App is a person-to-person smart phone application which allows anyone with a personal U.S. bank account and the smart phone app to send (or receive) money ....

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No DEA meetings:

December 27 and

January 3

DEA Meeting; Preferred Business Solutions

Thank you! 

We collected $362 to give to the waitstaff in appreciation for their work over the year!


Good News!

Randy Herman, Cornerstone Chem-Dry: their son, Travis, has received a recommendation from Congressman Sessions to attend the Naval Academy!  Congratulations!

Cynthia Oliver, Preferred Business Solutions: invited everyone to come to the 39th Annual Merry Tuba Christmas Concert, Friday, December 23rd at noon at Thanksgiving Square.  Over 200 tubas will be playing your favorite holiday songs.  Free fun for all!


30-Second Commercials

Dr. Paul Chafetz:  As we have time with family this holiday season, we know that not every family is harmonious nor is every relative delightful!  Dr. Paul can help teach the skills to face the dilemma of dealing with difficult family.  Dr. Paul also has 5 speaking events in January on CODOP (Children of Difficult Older Parents).  A referral could be the gift your friend or family will appreciate for a lifetime!   Call Dr. Paul for information about his speaking events!

Steve Longo, Next Step Coaching: As Millennials come home from their expensive institutions, if you hear anyone say, "I don't know what this kid is going to do!", send them our way!  We will help get them headed in the right direction!


New Membership Fee!

Remeber that the special, reduced membership fee of $250.00 is now permanent!  This puts us at a competitive level with other groups.  Invite guests who might be interested in the DEA!  This is a great time to join!


The DEA's newest member: 

My House Fitness!

Welcome Bud Terrell!


Announcements & THANK YOU from President Keith Horniman

 Welcome to meeting #4,558 of the DEA, in our 81st year! Results reported to date are $1,121,752 and Money Spent is $1,236,743!  

Thanks to Rich Parker, Sewell Cadillac, for a great presentation last week!

New breakfast menu: starting in January, we will have a new rotation of 3 different breakfast meals, so watch for it!

This is Keith's last meeting as President.  He extended special thanks to the Board for their creative efforts to right the ship and all of the members who supported the Board and the infrastructure changes.

Last Fall, we were interested in sub-leasing the DEA's office space, and starting January 1, Mike Mirau will begin sub-leasing the space!  Thank you Mike Mirau!

Special thanks also to those who helped make the DEA's office move possible:  Ted Biggers, Rob Eads, and Keith Horniman, who helped sort through the office documents to determine what needed to be kept.  Very special thanks to Jennifer Blakeney and Guaranteed Express for moving the DEA's office!

Keith also expressed thanks to Dianna for making the process seamless and his job easier!


Dallas Executives Association

18208 Preston Road, Suite D-9317

Dallas, Texas  75252

You can find our address on the website under "Contact us".  Our phone number is the same!


Happy Birthday Wishes!

• 20th – Darren Gardner (TEKS, Inc.)

• 21st – Bruce McShan (McShan Florist)

• 26th – Cooper Bibb (Sewell Lexus)

• 29th – Jennifer Blakeney (Guaranteed Express)     

• January 2nd – Keith Horniman (Pilots Building Maintenance)

• 7th – Richard Kinney (Your Web Guys.Net)


Your Business Needs Accurate Financials!

Mariann Montgomery, Murphy Business & Financial Corp., shared what she and Andy run into all the time:  business owners want to know what their business is worth and how long it will take to sell, but they don't have quality financials!  The business has to be proved-up through quality financials: accurate, detailed, and for larger businesses, audited financials.  Of businesses that make it to market, 80% never sell, usually due to bad financials!


Board Report

Mark Kinser, Remarkable Painting, presented the Board Report for the week of December 13, 2016, which advised there was a total of 40 members in attendance (with 4 guests) recording:

• 34 “A” leads

• 40 “B” leads

• 32 “C” leads  

• 36 leads received

• $203,117 results

• $170,302 spent with members 

The Big Result Getter was Innovative Roofing.  The Big Spender was Cornerstone Chem-Dry.  The Big “B” Lead givers were McShan Florist and Dr. Janell Kenny


The $42.00 raffle drawing was won by Complete Supply: Brian Eltis and Price Bahcall! Congratulations!

Rich Parker, Sewell Cadillac, had drawings from those who attended his Book signing this week.  Winners were:

• Jim Chandler - Carl Sewell's book

• Andy Montgomery - a Cadillac for a weekend

• Complete Supply - lunch with Rich Parker!


No Visitors today...

Be sure to invite your guests to come in January; help them start the New Year right!


• December 27, January 3, NO DEA Meetings - Happy Holidays!

• January 10, Preferred Business Solutions

• January 11, Board meeting 5:30pm

• January 12, Book Signing for Preferred Business Solutions, 4:30-6:30pm