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June 27, 2019

Celebrating Our 81st Anniversary 1935 - 2016

d. galen graphics

d. galen graphics

Mike Mirau introduced Darryl Galen, whom he has known for 10 years.  Darryl is great at following-up and meticulous at making sure everything is right!  His daughter is an accomplished ballerina.  He graduated from the University of Toledo and the Cooper School of Art, where he became a CPA: Certified Production Artist!  Darryl opened his business in 1980 and is …


D. Galen Graphics Open House/ Book Signing

d. galen graphics Open House/ Book Signing

4-6:30 PM

6105 Westerley Dr., Plano 75093

Come join us for great food, fun and networking!  Darryl said they will have marinated meats, salmon mousse, a variety of cheeses and beverages and several homemade desserts!  There will also be homemade moonshine available!

Map Available...


Next Meeting:

Keller Williams

Christmas Party!

Christmas Party!

Our Christmas party will be at the Oak Highland’s Brewery on December 6th from 6:30-9:30pm.  There will be no morning meeting that day.  The cost of $100/member for 2 attendees includes unlimited beer, great BBQ, and games. Wine will be available, per your request!  If you would like to bring additional guests, the cost is $50 per person.  We are looking forward to a great time!

Member companies have been billed for the first 2 attendees.

Please let Dianna know how many will be attending with your company!  Keep it simple:  just reply to this email with names or just a headcount!

 Map Available...


Good News!

Ron Schulz, Supreme Lending:  the good news is that the Cubs won the World Series!!!!


30-Second Commercial

Mike Mirau, Proactive Leadership Group: 1-day workshop, December 7th, at Prestonwood Country Club: How To Scale Up Your Business! 

Email Mike for more information!


Membership Drive

Membership Drive:  to encourage members joining, we are cutting the membership fee in half through the end of the year! For new members joining through 2016, the membership fee is $250.00!

Invite guests who might be interested in the DEA!  This is a great time to join!


Announcements from President Keith Horniman

 Welcome to meeting #4,554 of the DEA, in our 81st year! Results reported to date are $1,045,188 and Money Spent is $1,198,045!  

Special Thanks to Jennifer Blakeney with Guaranteed Express Courier Service for our guest speaker, Pam Boyd, who gave a great presentation last week!


Happy Birthday Wishes!

Mike Trull, CMC Rebar

Dr. Janell Kenny


Track the Cost of Merchant Services

Steve Ward, Emerald Business Solutions, encouraged everyone to make sure your CPA reviews the rates you are paying for your company's merchant services.  Steve can provide a written analysis of fees currently being charged and options available.  The more we can reduce expenses, the better our businesses will perform!


Board Report

David Ballard, Ad A Staff, presented the Board Report for the week of November 1, 2016, which advised there was a total of 33 members in attendance (with 1 guest) recording:

• 21 “A” leads

• 30 “B” leads

• 24 “C” leads  

• 23 leads received

• $45,199 results

• $8,888 spent with members 

The Big Result Getter was Take Time To Travel.  The Big Spender was Next Step Coaching.  The Big “B” Lead givers were Guaranteed Express, and Keller Williams.  The Big "C" Lead givers were Keller Williams, and Dr. Janell Kenny.


Raffle Drawing

The $40.00 raffle drawing was won by Dr. Maude Cejudo.  Congratulations!


Welcome Visitors!

Cynthia Oliver introduced our guests:

• Staci Mirau, Remarkable Looks, guest of Mike Mirau

• Bud Terrell, My House Fitness, guest of Joy Simar


Dates to note!

• November 10, D. Galen Graphics Open House/Booksigning

• November 15, Keller Williams

• November 22, NO DEA Meeting:  Happy Thanksgiving!

• November 29, Supreme Lending

• November 29, Nominees Announced; ballots for Board of Directors mailed

• December 6, NO DEA Meeting; join us for the Christmas Party at Oak Highland's Brewery 6:30-9:30 PM!