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July 23, 2019

Celebrating Our 81st Anniversary 1935 - 2016



Vicki Stephens shared with us about Co-Nexus, her experience in the telecommunications industry and the importance of true mobility in communications.

Mark McDaniel introduced Vicki Stephens.  Vicki has been in the telecommunications industry for over 4 decades.  More importantly, however, she always delivers what she says she is going to do!  She is also a very strong networker!  …

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Co-Nexus Open House/ Booksigning

Co-Nexus Open House/ Booksigning

Thursday, October 27th, 4-7 PM at Remarkable Affairs Cafe, 2727 LBJ Frwy, Suite 140, Farmers Branch  75234! 

Join us for great food, fun, and networking!

Map Available...

DEA Meeting; Guest Speaker: Pam Boyd

Next Meeting; Guest Speaker: Pam Boyd

Join us November 1st, as we hear from Guest Speaker, Pam Boyd!

Helping you put an end to unnecessary drama in your life at work... and at home.


Christmas Party!

Christmas Party!

Our Christmas party will be at the Oak Highland’s Brewery on December 6th from 6:30-9:30pm.  There will be no morning meeting that day.  The cost of $100/member for 2 attendees includes unlimited beer, BBQ, and games. If you would like to bring additional guests, the cost is $50 per person.  We are looking forward to a great time!

Members will be billed for the party on November 1st.

Please let Dianna know how many will be attending with your company!  Keep it simple:  just reply to this email with names or just a headcount!

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Good News!

Tim Niermeyer, Next Step Coaching, shared that his daughter, who is a client of Next Step Coaching (working with Steve), will graduate in May 2017 and already has a job offer with Amazon working in their HR department!

Mike Moore, Moore Insurance Agency, shared that he will be heading to Paris and London this week!


Membership Drive

Membership Drive:  to encourage members joining, we are cutting the membership fee in half through the end of the year! For new members joining through 2016, the membership fee is $250.00!

Invite guests who might be interested in the DEA!  This is a great time to join!


30-Second Commercials

Making you look like a Hero from the bird to the sides!

Mike McDaniels, Remarkable Affairs Catering:  Don't call us if you like dried out turkey, really wanting to watch the game but getting drug into the kitchen or mystery dishes.  They will make you look like a hero this Thanksgiving! 

Don't let your roof get eaten by termites!

Michael Bosco, Safe Haven Pest Control Keep the roof over your head and don't have it eaten by termites!  Centricon is offering a special offer for installation of a Centricon bating system for $99 if you are on their Sapphire bundle program.


Announcements from President Keith Horniman

 Welcome to meeting #4,552 of the DEA, in our 81st year! Results reported to date are $1,002,022 and Money Spent is $1,157,721!  

Special Thanks to:

• Jennifer Blakeney, Guaranteed Express Courier for a presentation that really delivered!

• Jennifer Blakeney, Guaranteed Express Courier, and Adrian Richardson, Topgolf Dallas, for a wonderful event last week at Topgolf!  We had about 60 people attend and it was a great evening!

• Barbara and Scott Scribner, Keller Williams, for a special Open House/Booksigning last week at the National Association for the Self-Employed at their facility!

We are planning to add articles from our members on the DEA's website!  If you have either occasional or regular articles you would like listed, please contact Dianna!

 Open Category:  Locksmith, Safe Sales & Service, vacated by Golden's Keys


Open Enrollment for Individual Health Insurance!

Braden Howell, New York Life, shared that the Open Enrollment dates for individual health insurance is November 1 - January 31.  You cannot get individual health insurance outside of that time period unless you have a documented qualifying life event.  Braden warned us to expect double-digit increases in the cost of health insurance this year; really, much more than a 10% increase!

Braden will start working with his clients on the new plans on November 8th, since everyone will be jumping in on the 1st and systems will be crazy!

Braden also reminded us about life insurance:  if you plan properly, you won't have a double-digit increase in health insurance!  You might get sick and need health insurance, but you will eventually die!


Membership Proposal

The following firm has been approved for publication by the Board of Directors.  If you have an objection to this firm it must be submitted in writing to the DEA office no later than November 8th, 2016.


Ben Dalton
2500 Dallas Parkway, Suite 260, Plano 75093
Classification:  Commercial Real Estate
Sponsor: Darren Gardner


Board Report

Keith Horniman, Pilot's Building Maintenance, presented the Board Report for the week of October 1, 2016, which advised there was a total of 40 members in attendance (with 4 guests) recording:

• 32 “A” leads

• 20 “B” leads

• 34 “C” leads  

• 21 leads received

• $17,111 results

• $18,918 spent with members 

The Big Result Getter was Remarkable Painting.  The Big Spender was Eye Doctor's Office.  The Big “A” Lead giver was Topgolf.  The Big "C" Lead giver was Guaranteed Express Couriers.


Raffle Drawings

Jennifer Blakeney, Guaranteed Express Courier, had a drawing from those who signed up for Guaranteed Express' newsletter on their website.  Ron Schulz and Darren Gardner were the winners!  Congratulations!

The $40.00 raffle drawing was won by Braden Howell.  Congratulations!


Welcome Visitors!

Cynthia Oliver introduced our guests:

• Christina Rossini with Logix Communications, guest of Darren Gardner

• Sharell Weeams with ProServ Marketing, referred to us by Donnie Boivin with Sales Mastery from Cowtown Executives

• Joy Simar was introduced as the new associate member for New York Life


Dates to note!

• October 27, Co-Nexus Open House/Booksigning 4:30-6:30PM at Remarkable Affairs Cafe

• Next Meeting, November 1, Guest Speaker, Pam Boyd

• November 1, Nominating Committee Announced

• November 8, D. Galen Graphics

• November 10, D. Galen Graphics Open House/Booksigning