March 26, 2019


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DEA Meeting: Supreme Lending

Michael Bosco introduced Ron Schulz with Supreme Lending.  Michael first worked with Ron on the holiday party and realized that Ron has an ability to get from point A to point B faster than any other person he has ever met!  If a decision needs to be made or something needs to get done, it is just done; he is so efficient!  That absolutely rolls into his professional world and him getting loans done!

Ron is in residential lending and can handle buying, refinancing, and taking cash-out, whether you are going to live in it, rent it out, second home or a mistresses’ house!

A couple of weeks ago, Ron was having lunch with friends and one was talking about a small piece of business they were doing.  Someone else asked why they were even messing with that since there would be no money in it.  Ron flashed back to being an 11-year old, working in his Grandfather's catering business in downtown Chicago.  They lived in a German, Irish and Jewish neighborhood, so there were a lot of activities and events to cater.  One day, Ron was working on a small order, and asked his Grandfather why they were wasting their time... 

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Next WeekSimpatico

Darren Gardner with Simpatico will be giving the presentation!


President Michael Bosco welcomed everyone to meeting #4,655 of the DEA, celebrating 84 years!

Results reported to date for 2019 are $209,574 and Money Spent is $249,986!


Thanks to Ken Teagle, Innovative Roofing, for a great presentation and Open House!

Everyone had a great time - here are a few of the stragglers that Ken had to run out at 11:00pm!


Good News Stories!

Dr. Paul Chafetz had a 3 page article published in Dallas Jewish Monthly on Children of Difficult Older Parents!

Keith Brown, Audio Video Innovations, was just given plans for a 36,000 square foot house!  

Ken Teagle, Innovative Roofing, was excited to announce it hailed again!

Dr. Maude Cejudo went to see Darryl Galen's daughter dance ballet at SMU and she was absolutely beautiful!

Michelle Spangler, Infused Oils and Vinegars, attended a Film Festival in New York where her daughter received Best Supporting Actress!


30-Second Commercials!

Katelyn Finch, CopyNet Digital Imaging Solutions,  announced that they are replacing their 2018 models on the demo floor and have some good pricing. If you or any of your customers need anything, call Katelyn.

Ken Ward, Schooley Mitchell, if you see a customer with more than 2 dumpsters, let Ken know! They are now working with waste reduction too!


Done Deals

Darren Gardner, Simpatico, has been a member of DEA for 3 years and has done business with many of the members. He was looking to upgrade his wife's SUV and his first call was to fellow member, Rich Parker with Sewell Cadillac. He explained what they were looking for and asked his opinion on a good option. And to his surprise, Rich recommended a Buick SUV - a line he doesn't sell.  Rich forwarded Darren onto one of his Buick representatives and unfortunately the experience was not going well.  Darren called Rich again to let him know the status and Rich immediately jumped in and pulled off an exceptional buying experience.  The relationship Darren built with Rich through DEA enabled this connection, and thus a great experience in a major purchase.


We had no guests today.  Make sure to bring guests to our next meeting!


Dr. Paul Chafetz Booksigning at Cowboys Red River!

Join us for a great evening of fun, networking, and learning how to Boot Scoot on April 11th!  Dr. Paul Chafetz will be hosting his open house/ booksigning, at Cowboys Red River, a honky-tonk/dance hall with live country music, dance lessons & a mechanical bull!  Cowboys Red River is located at 10310 W. Technology Blvd, Dallas 75220.  The doors open at 6:30 and the dance lessons are from 7-8.  Dr. Paul will bring food and there is an open bar!

Map Available...


Golf Tournament: May 15th!

Sign Up Today!

at Cowboy's Golf Club

1:30 Shot-gun Start

6:00 Dinner, Raffle & Awards

Golfers: $150 (registered before 4/15); $160 (registered on/after 4/15) - includes lunch & dinner

Foursome: $575 (registered before 4/15); $600 (registered on/after 4/15) - includes lunch & dinner

Hole Sponsor – $150.00; Lunch only – $37.50; Dinner only – $37.50; Lunch & Dinner – $65.00

Yes, it is a Wednesday!  Get your foursome's lined up and sign up today!  Start planning donations for raffle items! 

This is a great opportunity to bring clients and business associates!


Don't Miss the Next Book Club!

Yes, the books are interesting, but the discussion at the Book Club is the best part!  Even if you don't finish the book, join us for lively conversation on April 8th!  We will meet at 6:30 pm at Dr. Paul's home (12508 Renoir Ln, Dallas).  We are having a great time!  Don't miss out!

Our next book is: The Accidental Superpower: The Next Generation of American Preeminence and the Coming Global Disorder by Peter Zeihan.  The book is a fascinating historical review and a positive book.


Board Report

Michelle Spangler, Infused Oils & Vinegars presented the Board report.  Attendance at our last meeting was 35 present with no guests.  6 one-on-one's were reported.  Our website had 88 users, 70 new users, and 101 sessions.  Members reported giving a total of 31 A leads, 26 B leads, 31 C leads and receiving 19 leads.

Members reported receiving $18,485 from DEA leads, and the Big Results-getter was CNC Home Care.  Members reported spending $17,199 with fellow DEA members, and the Big Spender was Remarkable Painting.

The Big "A" Lead giver was Schooley Mitchell.  The Big "B" Lead givers were Dr. Janell Kenny. The big "C" lead givers were CopyNet Digital Imaging Solutions.



Ken Teagle, Innovative Roofing held a drawing from those who attended his Open House/Booksigning last week.  Darren Gardner, Simpatico won the amazing brisket!

The $38.00 raffle drawing was won by Michael Bosco, Safehaven Pest Control!


• April 2, Simpatico

• April 3, Board meeting

• April 4, Simpatico Open House

• April 9, Dr. Paul Chafetz

• April 11, Dr. Paul Chafetz Booksigning/Social at Cowboys Red River

• April 16, CopyNet


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