February 26, 2019


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DEA Meeting: 5 Pillars of Creating Extraordinary Results!

Michael Bosco introduced Transformational Speaker and Success Coach, Mat Shaffer with Habitude Warrior International.   Mat's main goal was to remind us of the power we have to create change in our own lives.

Matt is a recovering lawyer!  He just didn't enjoy the profession, but he is happy that he was able to change his life.  What is your relationship with change?  Do you make "shift" happen?  Or, is life something that happens to you?  This is the 1 fundamental decision that can shape the entire direction of your life!  The greatest way to make shift happen is to change your habits and your attitudes, your "habitudes".

5 Pillars of Creating Extraordinary Results:

 1.  Goal Setting and Achieving

Closing is not all there is!  If you just go up to a stranger and ask for their money, without laying the foundation, it is a crime against the process and that person.  The process starts with us and with the foundation we have laid to achieve our goals.  Mat challenged us to rate ourselves on our success with setting and achieving goals.  Nationwide, 3% of people effectively set and achieve goals!  If you do, you are ahead 97% of everyone else.

To be effective, your goals only need to be specific, measurable, and have accountability.  Whatever outcomes you are getting, don't take it personally.  It is just feedback and information you can take in to make shift happen in your life.  You want to be failing at least 30% of the time, or you are not setting your goals high enough.  We are prisoners of our comfort zones....

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Habitude Warrior Conference

The Habitude Warrior Conference is April 11-13 in Dallas with 33 "Ted Talk" style speakers from all over and Mat invited everyone to attend with a guest for only $499!  Just contact Mat Shaffer and let him know you are with the DEA!  It is a great business-building, networking, sales-skill developing event!

DEA Meeting: Halo Branded Solutions

Next Meeting:

Halo Branded Solutions

Join us as Chris Boots with Halo Branded Solutions will be giving the presentation!

Halo Branded Solutions Open House/ Booksigning

Join us for a great time of networking with good food and drink at Halo Branded Solutions Open House/Booksigning!  It will be a great way to kick off your weekend!  We will be at Halo's office at 12801 N. Stemmons Freeway, Suite 807, Dallas 75234, conveniently located just NE of LBJ and I35.  See you there!


President Michael Bosco welcomed everyone to meeting #4,651 of the DEA, celebrating 84 years!

Results reported to date for 2019 are $149,396 and Money Spent is $145,733!

Thanks to Keith Brown, Audio Video Innovations, for a  great presentation last week!


Good News Stories!

Dr. Janell Kenny was talking with (and working on) a former DEA member who asked about a current DEA member, and Dr. Janell said, "ask them yourself, they are in the next room"!  This is a fabulous organization if you stick with it!  She has gotten many great clients through the years! 


30-Second Commercials!

Darren Gardner, Simpatico/Teks, Inc., we specialize in cyber security!


Tessa Bache-Wiig, Alamo Title, introduced our guest today:

• Brad Johnson with North Dallas Landscaping, sales@northdallaslandscaping.com, guest of Michelle Spangler


Happy Birthday to

• Edgar Esparza (A-Star Heating & Air) on February 27th

• Bobby Cave (Take Time to Travel) on February 28th

• Chris Clausen (CNC Home Care) on March 1st


The Golf Tournament is May 15th!

Yes, it is a Wednesday!  Save the date on your calendar for the 1:30 shot-gun start!  Get your foursome's lined up and start planning donations for raffle items! 


New Executive Director!

Our new Executive Director is Trisha Ritchey!  Dianna is stepping down from her position to address family needs.  Trisha is finishing at her current position and will join us at our March 19th meeting, so you can meet her then! 


March 4th!

There is still time to join in for our next book!  As Dr. Paul says, join us as we "march forth" into greater awareness of China!  We will meet at 6:30 pm at Dr. Paul's home (12508 Renoir Ln, Dallas) on March 4th!  We are having a great time!  Don't miss out!

Our book is The Third Revolution:  Xi Jinping and the New Chinese State by Elizabeth C. Economy.


The B2B Group's next meeting will be

March 12th, noon to 1pm at

CopyNet Digital Imaging Solutions

or join us via video conferencing and save the drive!


Only 2 dates left before June!

April 23rd and May 7th are the only open program dates before June!  If you want to give your presentation before your summer vacation, grab one before they are gone!


Need an office desk? 

Or, a conference room table and chairs?

The desk and conference room table and chairs at the former DEA office space need a new home!  We need to get them out of that space (near LBJ and Hillcrest) before the end of April.  Please let us know if you are interested.  

The desk is a 72" desk, 42" bridge, 65" or 66" return and hutch with doors.  It includes 2 pedestals which are both box, box, file.  (Thank you Cynthia Oliver, Preferred Business Solutions, for the correct terminology!)  They are a walnut laminate.  (Office chair not included.)  The conference room table is 14' x 4' and is in two, u-shaped pieces.


Board Report

Edgar Esparza, A-Star Heating & Air, presented the Board report.  Attendance at our last meeting was 34 present with 2 guests.  19 one-on-one's were reported.  Our website had 85 users, 69 new users, and 103 sessions.  Members reported giving a total of 31 A leads, 26 B leads, 43 C leads and receiving 30 leads.

Members reported receiving $17,411 from DEA leads, and the Big Results-getter was A-Star Plumbing.  Members reported spending $11,235 with fellow DEA members, and the Big Spender was A-Star Plumbing.

The Big "A" Lead giver was Schooley Mitchell.  The Big "B" Lead giver was Dr. Janell Kenny.  The Big "C" Lead giver was CopyNet Digital Imaging Solutions.



The $30.00 raffle drawing was won by Keith Horniman, Pilot's Building Maintenance!


• March 4, Book Club, 6:30pm

• March 5, Halo Branded Solutions

• March 6, Board meeting

• March 7, Halo Branded Solutions Open House, 4-7pm

• March 12, Bottom Dogs

• March 14, B2B group, noon

• March 19, Innovative Roofing

• March, 21, Innovative Roofing Open House, 5 - 8pm

• March 26, Supreme Lending


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Celebrating Our 84th Anniversary 1935 - 2019