February 5, 2019


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DEA Meeting: Synergy Partners

Michelle Spangler with Infused Oils and Vinegars led our discussion today about moving forward on some of the Board goals, including Synergy Partners! 

Priority #1:  Increased DEA Social Media Footprint

Christian White with Bottomdogs, showed us all how to "check in" on Facebook!  It is a little different with each phone platform and version of Facebook, so if you have trouble, ask someone for help next Tuesday!

Priority #2:  Developing Relationships Among Members Through Increased 1-on-1's

Everyone at the meeting drew someone's name from a bowl; schedule a 1-on-1 with that person some time in February!  So, you schedule one and expect someone else to reach out to you!  Feel free to schedule as many other 1-on-1's as you would like!  (If you were not at the meeting, you will be "assigned" a 1-on-1 to schedule!  Watch your email....)

Who Do You Need & Who Do You Know?

We had a fun brainstorming session with Scattergories!  It was a creative way to get us thinking about who we do business with, who our customers are and who our vendors are, as well as what synergy partners would be good for our business.  Each table had the opportunity to score points!

Dr. Paul Chafetz shared that we are all here for perfectly self-serving, greedy purposes, which is good!  We are here to help ourselves by helping others!  Everyone received a current list of categories to think about who they might invite!  If you have ideas of additional categories you need or you know, they can be added to our list!  Or, just invite them to a meeting!

Prizes will be awarded for the table with the most points by the end of February!

Tables received 1 point for each unique answer during the game.  Tables will receive 10 points for each 1-on-1 every week (tip:  have a 1-on-1 with a table mate and your table will get 20 points!).  The DEA invitation cards were handed out (let us know if you need more!) and your table will get 5 points for each invitation you extend to a prospective member.  Tables will get 25 points for each guest who attends!

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DEA Meeting: Remarkable Painting

Next  Week: Remarkable Painting

Join us next week as Mark Kinser with Remarkable Painting will be giving the presentation!


President Michael Bosco welcomed everyone to meeting #4,648 of the DEA, celebrating 84 years!

Results reported to date for 2019 are $103,072 and Money Spent is $100,107!

Thanks to Brad Swann, CopyNet Digital Imaging Solutions, for a great presentation and open house last week!


Good News Stories!

Darren Gardner, Teks Inc., we have been working on a company merger and "Go Live" was this week and it was successful!  Jeremia, the Chief Information Security Officer, visited us today.

Brian Eltis, Complete Supply, we had the biggest January ever in the history of the business!

Michael Bosco, Safe Haven Pest Control, our business was up 25%, but up 125% counting the merger we just completed! 


Tessa Bache-Wiig, Alamo Title, introduced our guests today:

• Brad Hastedt, bhastedt@gmail.com, guest of Mariann Montgomery

• Jeremia Cohen with Simpatico Systems, guest of Darren Gardner


Happy Birthday to

Adam Roten with A-Star Heating & Air February 10th!


Congratulations to those celebrating their DEA Anniversary in February:

• Call-Hold Marketing - 12 years!

• Cornerstone Chem-Dry - 18 years!

• Pilot's Building Maintenance - 11 years!

• Safe Haven Pest Control - 14 years!

• Teks Inc. - 4 years!


Great time at Past President's Lunch!

Thank you to everyone who came; we had some great discussion!  Mark your calendar for July 31st at 11am for the next one!


Don't Miss This Book!

There is still time to join in for our next book!  As Dr. Paul says, join us as we "march forth" into greater awareness of China!  We will meet at 6:30 pm at Dr. Paul's home (12508 Renoir Ln, Dallas) on March 4th!  We are having a great time!  Don't miss out!

Our book is The Third Revolution:  Xi Jinping and the New Chinese State by Elizabeth C. Economy.


The B2B Group's next meeting will be

February 14th, noon to 1pm at

Atomic Design and Consulting!


Board Report

Jeremy Bermender, Atomic Design & Consulting, presented the Board report.  Attendance at our last meeting was 35 present with 3 guests.  7 one-on-one's were reported.  Our website had 97 users, 80 new users, and 121 sessions.  Members reported giving a total of 24 A leads, 19 B leads, 28 C leads and receiving 23 leads.

Members reported receiving $20,350 from DEA leads, and the Big Results-getter was Moore Insurance Agency.  Members reported spending $8,608 with fellow DEA members, and the Big Spender was Murphy Business Sales.

The Big "A" Lead givers were Schooley Mitchell, Dr. Paul Chafetz.  The Big "C" Lead givers were A-Star Plumbing, Moore Insurance Agency, Dr. Janell Kenny.



Brad Swann, CopyNet Digital Imaging Solutions, offered a free security check of your printers and copiers; if you would like one, just let him know!  Brad also held a drawing from those who attended his Open House/ Booksigning last week.  Rob Eads, Call-Hold Marketing, and John Anderson each won a $50 gift certificate!

The $40.00 raffle drawing was won by Keith Horniman, Pilot's Building Maintenance!


• February 6, Board meeting, 5:30pm

• February 12, Remarkable Painting

• February 14, B2B Group, Atomic Design & Consulting, noon - 1

• February 19, Teks Inc

• February 21, Teks Inc. Open House/Booksigning

• February 26, Guest speaker, Matt Shaffer

• March 4, Book Club, 6:30pm

• March 5, Halo Branded Solutions


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Celebrating Our 84th Anniversary 1935 - 2019