December 11, 2018

DEA Meeting: Sewell Cadillac

John Anderson has known Rich Parker since the mid 90's.  Rich gets it; he knows what you are looking for, walks you through the process, and it is a great experience!  Nobody is better in this business!

Why shop with Sewell?  Sewell has been family-owned since 1911 and has 18 locations!  They treat employees and customers like no one else!  They give a lot back to the communities they are in.  They have an amazing culture, hiring standards, and ongoing training.  Sewell has famous customer service and 19 World Class Technicians.

Rich showed us some great pictures from the history of Sewell.  The first photo from 1911 was of the first store, which was a car dealership, a general store, a movie theater, and livery stable because nobody was sure yet whether cars would catch on!  Carl’s dad worked in the store; the cars came in a box and he put them together and taught the farmers how to drive.  Carl’s dad owned a Lincoln-Mercury dealership where the Fairmont Hotel is now; for years, they had their company events at the Fairmont, because that is where it all started.

Carl Sewell's book, Customers for Life has been a best-seller; over a million copies sold.  It’s an easy read, but a great, common-sense business book.  Rich brought copies of the Drive, a quarterly publication that talks about company celebrations and community functions they are part of.  It is amazing how the Sewell’s give back to the cities they are in!

Why shop with Rich Parker?  Rich has been with Sewell for over 47 years:  15 years as a Service Advisor, 17 years as a Service Manager, and 15 years in Sales!  Rich has been married for 33 years; they have 4 boys, 2 daughters-in-law and their grandson is 11 months old!  Rich can sell new Cadillac, GMC, and Buick vehicles and pre-owned vehicles from any dealership in the Sewell family.  They have over 2500 pre-owned cars in their inventory.  Even if you want a different brand, Rich knows a lot of people in the industry and can set you up with the right...

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DEA Meeting: Sewell Cadillac


The Booksigning is at Sewell Cadillac at 7310 Lemon Avenue.  Come by any time now through December 17th (they are only closed on Sunday) and sign the book, have a cup of coffee, visit with Rich and look at some cars if you would like.  Rich will hold a drawing next week from those who attend the Booksigning.  The winners will receive their choice of a Cadillac (except CTSV!) for a weekend, a $50 DEA gift certificate, or Carl Sewell’s book!

DEA Meeting: Keller Williams Commercial

We will NOT have meetings on December 25 nor on January 1st!


President Jennifer Blakeney welcomed everyone to meeting #4,642 of the DEA, celebrating 83 years!

Results reported to date for 2018 are $866,156 and Money Spent is $667,687!

Thanks to Julie Grant with Julie Grant Interiors for a great presentation and open house!

Thanks to Michael Bosco, Safe Haven Pest Control, for throwing a great holiday party!  Thanks also to Ron Schulz, Supreme Lending, and Michael Bosco, Safe Haven Pest Control, for sponsoring the wine!


Good News Stories!

Darren Gardner, TEKS Inc., sent one of his guys to Gary's training and he learned a lot!  He also developed a relationship with one of the other guests from Complete Mailing Partners and they are doing business!


30-Second Commercials!

Dr. Janell Kenny, dental benefits (and other medical benefits) do not carry over into next year!  Use it, don't lose it!

John Anderson, Complete Mailing Partners, if you know anyone with an analog postage machine, it will not work in 3 weeks.  Rates are going up 10-13%, but if you have a postage meter, rates will decrease 7%!

Cynthia Oliver, Preferred Business Solutions, at the end-of-year, many people are trying to spend the rest of their budgets - I'm happy to help!  A new chair?  New furniture for the office?


Tessa Bache-Wiig, Alamo Title, introduced our guest today:

• Allison Smith with Cascade Financial Management, from MeetUp.


Happy Birthday to Erika Herman (Cornerstone Chem-Dry) - December 13!


Congratulations to those celebrating their anniversary with the DEA this month:

• CNC Home Care - 23 years!

• Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management - 63 years!

• Murphy Business Sales - 6 years!

• New York Life - 35 years!


Welcome to our newest member:

 Schooley Mitchell


 Mariann Montgomery, Murphy Business Sales, introduced Ken Ward with Schooley Mitchell.  We are glad to have you!


We haven't lost Denise Koval, since she is still with us as an Honorary Life Member!  However, with her retirement, the category of Landscape Design and Installation  is now open!  If you know of someone who might be interested in that category, please invite them!


New Board of Directors Announced!

Thank you to everyone who was nominated to serve on the Board; we appreciate your willingness to serve!


Congratulations to those who have been elected to serve on the Board for the next term:

Past President Directors:

• Keith Horniman (Pilot's Building Maintenance)

• Ron Schulz (Supreme Lending)

At Large Directors:

• Tessa Bache-Wiig (Alamo Title)

• Erika Herman (Cornerstone Chem-Dry)

• Darryl Galen (d. galen graphics)

• Michelle Spangler (Infused Oils & Vinegars)

• Darren Gardner (TEKS, Inc.)

Our new Secretary/Treasurer is Darren Gardner, TEKS Inc.


It's Hunting Season!

We are scheduling programs starting February 5th!  It is time to get your program booked!  

If it seems like you just gave us a presentation telling about you and your business, perhaps you could give an informational or educational talk about important things other businesses or members would benefit hearing about.


Book Club's Next Book!

Our  next book will be Not In God's Name: Confronting Religious Violence by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.  Available in paperback for $6.91.  A great deal and a very timely topic!

We will meet at 6:30 pm at Dr. Paul's home on January 14th.  We are having a great time!  Join us!


The B2B Group is moving to the 2nd Thursday of each month!  The next meeting will be December 13th at Preferred Business Solutions!


Board Report

Jack van Wunnik, Thomas O. Bailey, CPA, presented the Board report.  Attendance at our last meeting was 35 present with 4 guests.  7 one-on-one's were reported.  Members reported giving a total of 26 A leads, 30 B leads, 38 C leads and receiving 35 leads.

Members reported receiving $28,620 from DEA leads, and the Big Results-getter was Art That Grows.  Members reported spending $42,518 with fellow DEA members, and the Big Spender was Infused Oils & Vinegars.

• The Big "A" Lead Giver was Atomic Design & Consulting.

• The Big "B" Lead Giver was Dr. Janell Kenny.

• The Big "C" Lead Givers were CopyNet Digital Imaging Solutions.



The $40.00 raffle drawing was won by Kevin Taylor, Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management!


• December 11 - 17, Sewell Cadillac Booksigning

• December 13, B2B group at Preferred Business Solutions at noon

• December 18, Keller Williams Commercial

• December 25, No DEA Meeting

• January 1, No DEA Meeting

• January 8, Frost Bank

• January 9, Board meeting, 5:30pm

• January 10, B2B meeting, noon

• January 15, Atomic Design & Consulting


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Celebrating Our 83rd Anniversary 1935 - 2018