October 9, 2018

DEA Meeting: Your Web Guys

Darren Gardner introduced Ashley Kinney with Your Web Guys.  Darren has really enjoyed working with Your Web Guys on his new company website!  Recently, Ashley came over to the Teks Inc. office and took updated headshots of their whole company.  Up to 4 hours of photography is included with their website package.  Darren said it was so easy and convenient to have everything done onsite!

In 2004, Your Web Guys opened their storefront.  Ashley quickly noticed pictures being used on websites that were really bad and often something someone took with a phone.  Image is important!  You don't want to use dark, grainy photographs.  Your website is your first impression for many people.  People research on the net, first, often before they even meet you!

In 2007, after their first son was born, Ashley focused her work more on photography for websites.  In 2010, their twin sons were born.  A year ago, Ashley started working for Your Web Guys in public relations and sales.  She works with photographing a lot of product for sales.  For speakers, lawyers, and many other businesses, people are their "product" and the important product photograph is their headshot.

With any product photography, you need to watch for shadows and lighting.  Ashley creates visual art to make it appealing and warm!  She is going to do headshots for our members (and to update the DEA website) outside on the golf course.  There is a beautiful backdrop there!  The trend is outdoor pictures.  You want to update your headshots and website images!  The images she shoots can be used for all of your social media, so you can have...

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Your Web Guys Open House/Booksigning

Moved to January! Your Web Guys Open House/Booksigning

We will keep you posted on all of the details!  But there will be no Open House this week!

DEA Meeting: Moore Insurance

Next Week: Moore Insurance Agency

Next week, Mike Moore with Moore Insurance Agency will be giving the presentation!


President Jennifer Blakeney welcomed everyone to meeting #4,635 of the DEA, celebrating 83 years!

Results reported to date for 2018 are $745,855 and Money Spent is $570,003!

Thanks to George Hendley, our guest speaker, for a great presentation last week!


Good News Stories!

Dr. Paul Chafetz: just finished the PowerPoint presentation he will be giving in two weeks for the Texas Health Physicians Group on Physician Burnout!


30-Second Commercials!

Michelle Spangler, Infused Oils and Vinegars: Friday at 6:30pm, they will have a Boisset Wine Tasting and Pairing at her store!  They will be comparing French vs. American wines.  There are 4 slots still available; $40 for the evening!  

Brad Swann, CopyNet Digital Imaging Solutions:  HP has gotten into the copier market and is building their own.  They are awesome and about 25% less than some of the other major brands!  Also, Epson has a color, wide-format unit for about $1,000!


Tessa Bache-Wiig, Alamo Title, introduced our guests today:

• Mandi Koch with Windstream, Amanda.Koch@Windstream.com, guest of Darren Gardner

• Christian White with Bottom Dogs, ChristianWhite@BottomDogs.com, guest from MeetUp

• Carter Sanderson with Bottom Dogs, CarterSanderson@BottomDogs.com, guest of Christian White

• Tom Seath with Visual Dynamics, Tom@VSLDynamics.com, guest of Mariann Montgomery


Happy Birthday to:

Ben Dalton, Keller Williams Commercial, October 15th!


Congratulations to those with 100% attendance for the past quarter for meetings:

• Alamo Title

• Art That Grows

• Infused Oils & Vinegars

• Julie Grant Interiors

• Maude Cejudo, Inc.

• Moore Insurance Agency

• Pilot’s Building Maintenance

• Remarkable Painting

• TeksInc.

100% attendance at Booksignings:

• CNC Home Care

• D. Galen Graphics

100% attendance at both meetings and Booksignings:

• Call-Hold Marketing!

• Complete Mailing Partners

• Guaranteed Express Courier


Open Category: 

Human Resources Outsourcing,

vacated by Staff One HR

If you are wondering, the category of Staffing is also open!  If you know of someone in either of these categories who might be interested in the DEA, please invite them!


New Headshots!

Ashley Kinney, Your Web Guys, will take new headshots on October 16th and 23rd!  These will all be sized to use on websites (like ours!) and social media.  If you love the photo and would like a larger copy for print materials, they can be purchased for $150.  You can sign up with Dianna for a time-slot between 8:15 and 9:00 am both days.  Sign up now to get the slot you want!


Dance Social!

We are going to have a Dance Social, learning East Coast Swing!  If you can't remember which foot is your left or right, you will still have a great time!  We are bringing in professional dance instructors!  If you partner can't come or has a busted knee, it is still okay, because we will all be learning together!  This is going to be fun!

We will be at Belmont Village, 3535 N. Hall St., at Turtle Creek, Thursday, November 8th from 6:00-9:00 pm.  Belmont will provide finger foods and we will bring in wine and beer.

The cost for the evening is only $25 per person!  We need to know how many are coming, so be sure to sign up with Dianna.

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Turning Leads into Customers

Turning Leads into Customers 

(Training Opportunity)

Leads can only turn into sustainable business when you create a relationship from those leads!  All relationships are based on being able to connect.  The art of the conversation and how you present yourself always creates the connection and builds the bridge that engenders trust, and psychological safety.  This training is developed to help you learn how to influence at a deeper level, master your verbal and non-verbal communication, establish trust and build unconscious rapport and credibility.  Through these little known techniques, you will learn how to build unconscious rapport and influence that engenders trust, builds credibility that earns the sale.

Here is a small portion of what we will learn:

• How to establish unconscious rapport.

• Identifying and selling to values.

• How to use voice tonality, tempo and key words effectively.

• Eye patterns and what they reveal.

• How to displace resistance.

• Learn the five archetypes of influence in body language.

• Learn how to identify key words and phrases that reveal a person’s values and so much more.

Enroll now as spaces are limited.  You will walk out of this training with more knowledge about the art of influence than you have ever been exposed to before.   It will be a powerful experience to learn little known information about the one subject that drives all our success: our communication and our ability to influence.

It is November 14th from 10:00am – 2:00pm at Preferred Business Solutions training room at 1701 W. Walnut Hill Lane, Irving, 75038.  The cost is $125.00 and lunch will be provided.  For Registration call or email: Dianna at 214-528-1082 or  Dianna@Dallasexecutives.com.

If you require additional information call Gary De Rodriguez at 972-998-0928.

Map Available....


We are looking for a wine sponsor!

Is that you?

 Save the date for the DEA Holiday Party!

December 7, 7-10:30pm at Oak Highlands Brewery! 

There will also be great BBQ and Beer and a ton of fun!


You know you want to...

We are having a great time reading and discussing a wide variety of books!  Our December 10th book will be The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything by Paul Vigna.  

We will meet at 6:30 pm at Dr. Paul's home.  We are having a great time!  Even if you don't get to finish the book, come and join the discussion!


Board Report

Dr. Paul Chafetz, presented the Board report.  Attendance at our last meeting was 332 present with 3 guests.  2 one-on-one's were reported.  Members reported giving a total of 19 A leads, 23 B leads, 30 C leads and receiving 21 leads.

Members reported receiving $12,801 from DEA leads, and the Big Results-getter was Dr. Janell Kenny.  Members reported spending $18,595 with fellow DEA members, and the Big Spender was Teks Inc.

The Big "C" Lead Giver: Dr. Janell Kenny.



The $35.00 raffle drawing was won by Scott Scribner, Keller Williams Residential!


• October 16, Moore Insurance

• October 23, Cornerstone Chem-Dry

• October 30, Peopleistic:  How to Use Body Language Effectively

• November 1, Cornerstone Chem-Dry Open House/Booksigning

• November 6, Keller Williams Residential


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