August 28, 2018


Ron Schulz introduced Dr. Paul Chafetz.  Ron has a friend who is a Dallas police officer and he has the greatest stories about the things people do!  Dr. Paul is the only one who probably has better stories; ethical reasons may keep him from telling some of the best stories, but his presentation will be very interesting!

Dr. Paul received degrees at Brown University and the University of Florida and trained at Duke University Medical Center and Houston Medical Center. He has maintained his private practice since 1982 and also taught as an associate professor for 21 years.

Dr. Paul's work is based on his core belief that life is hard and life is hard for a good reason:  to give us lots of opportunities to learn and grow!  No matter what our age, whatever challenges life throws at us, our job is to “Grow Into It”!  The growth might be painful, but it is beautiful, magnificent and almost holy!  Dr. Paul's job helps people master various psychological concepts, insights and skills.

Dr. Paul gave us the example of Jeff.  Jeff's life is like a bus!  He is an active, healthy grownup.  His life has room for a lot of things including the people in his life, his memories, strengths, weaknesses, obligations, privileges, joys, pain, and even the hopes that move him forward and the baggage that holds him back.  Inside Jeff's head is the driver's seat.  Jeff has noticed there is a connection between how marvelous his experiences are and which part of him sat in the driver's seat.  Sometimes the awake, objective, pleasant, emotionally aware side of him sits in the driver's seat; able to focus intelligently on the outside world as well as on the needs and well-being of the other people around him.  Other times, the angry part or the sad part of his personality gets into the driver's seat and it can lead to bad things!   When jealously drives, it can make everything go sideways, like some stupid argument.  Or, insecurities from childhood or other emotions can steer life into a ditch!

Dr. Paul's job is to help people be the best they can be.  Many unhappy people are stalled and stuck in their transitions from one chapter to the next.  He specializes in showing his clients effective strategies for resolving these dilemmas....

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There is NO booksigning this week!

In lieu of a booksigning, Dr. Paul is having raffle drawings for 2 gift certificates to Chef Michelle's wonderful store: Infused Oils and Vinegars!  The drawing will be September 18th, from those who purchase DEA raffle tickets!



No DEA Meeting September 4th!

Be sure to join us September 6th from 6-9pm for the Wine Tasting and then on September 11th as Gary de Rodriguez with Peopleistic presents:  The Structure of Charisma!


It's here: the Wine Tasting!

Join us for a great evening of fun, networking, and wine, September 6th from 6-9 pm at Times 10 Cellars in Lakewood.  We will be tasting 4 of their wines and choose a glass of wine.  After the wine tasting is done, Ron will bring in some Scalini's pizza and more wine will follow!  The cost is only $30 per person for the evening!  Simply email Dianna to sign up today!

Times 10 Cellars is located at 6324 Prospect Ave, Dallas, TX 75214.

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DEA Meeting: Peopleistic - The Structure of Charisma

September 11th Meeting: Peopleistic - The Structure of Charisma

Join us on September 11th as Gary de Rodriguez with Peopleistic will be giving the second part of his presentation on Unknown Public Speaking Skills:  the Structure of Charisma!


President Jennifer Blakeney welcomed everyone to meeting #4,630 of the DEA, celebrating 83 years!

Results reported to date for 2018 are $665,628 and Money Spent is $508,796!

Thanks to Ron Schulz, Supreme Lending, for a great presentation last week!


Good News Stories!

Keith Brown, Audio Video Innovations received the Dallas Builder’s Association 2018 ARC Award for “Best A/V Package!”


30-Second Commercials!

Jeremy Bermender, Atomic Design and Consulting:  Studies show that 82% of those online use "Near me" searches and 90% of them are likely to click on the first set of results, which are usually ads!  Make sure you are at the top of a Google Search!

Darren Gardner, TeksInc.:  Don't click on invoices you don't recognize!  Spearfishing is rampant; they watch what you do and impersonate you!  If you receive something questionable, send it to Darren; if he doesn't reply, call him and see if it was trapped in his spam filters!


Ben Dalton, Keller Williams Commercial, introduced our guest today:

• Steven Cohen, Cohen Management,, guest of Dr. Paul Chafetz.


Happy birthday to:

• Chris Boots (Halo Branded Solutions) - August 31st

• Pat Patterson (Honorary Life Member) September 1st

• Tom Bailey (Thomas O. Bailey, CPA) - September 3rd

• Scott Scribner (Keller Williams Residential) - September 3rd


Upcoming Books for the Book Club

As Dr. Seuss said:  "The more you read, the more places you will go!  The more places you go, the more things you will learn!"

For September 17th, our book will be: The Code of Trust: An American Counterintelligence Expert's Five Rules to Lead and Succeed by Robin Dreeke. 

For those who want to plan ahead, prefer to read slower, or just want more time to prepare, our October 29th book will be The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything by Paul Vigna.  On December 10th, we will discuss Superconnector: Stop Networking and Start Building Business Relationships that Matter by Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh.

We will meet to discuss each book at 6:30 pm at Dr. Paul's home.  We are having a great time!  Even if you don't get to finish the book, come join and discuss!


B2B Group

The B2B Group had a great meeting today at Atomic Design and Consulting!  The next meeting will be September 11th, from noon - 1pm at Complete Supply at 1624 W. Crosby Rd., Unit 144, Carrollton, 75006.


Board Report

Jack van Wunnik, Thomas O. Bailey, CPA, presented the Board report.  Attendance at our last meeting was 37 present with 2 guests.  12 one-on-one's were reported.  Members reported giving a total of 20 A leads, 22 B leads, 33 C leads and receiving 26 leads.

Members reported receiving $15,190 from DEA leads, and the Big Results-getter was Dr. Janell Kenny.  Members reported spending $13,269 with fellow DEA members, and the Big Spender was Dr. Maude Cejudo.



The $26.00 raffle drawing was won by Ron Schulz, Supreme Lending!


• September 4, NO DEA Meeting!  Labor Day

• September 6, Wine Tasting 6-9pm

• September 11, Peopleistic:  The Structure of Charisma

• September 11, B2B Group, noon

• September 12, Board Meeting, 5:30pm

• September 17, Book Club, 6:30pm

• September 18, Preferred Business Solutions


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