August 14, 2018

DEA Meeting: Ask the Pros

DEA Meeting: Ask the Pros

Denise Koval, Art That Grows, moderated our program, "Ask the Pros!".  It is one of our favorite programs where anyone in the room can ask a question of a professional in the room!

The questions asked were:

• Denise asked the first question of Dr. Janell Kenny:  You specialize in family, cosmetic, and general dentistry and have a process called "Instant Ortho", which I am in the midst of.  Could you please explain what "Instant Ortho" is all about?  

• Dr. Paul Chafetz asked Darren Gardner, TeksInc:  My laptop is a 4-year old Dell and does the job, but when I lift the screen, the screen flashes a bit.  How soon is it going to go black and can it be fixed?  

• Dr. Maude Cejudo asked Keith Brown, Audio Video Innovations: How did you do the magic for Michael Bosco that allowed us to click a link and easily go straight to writing a review?

• Jennifer Blakeney, Guaranteed Express Courier, asked Jack van Wunnik, Thomas O. Bailey, CPA:  Please explain the new 20% tax discount and how it relates to us personally and to our businesses.

• Michael Bosco, SafeHaven Pest Control, asked Alan Robinson, anti-social MEDIA:  Concerning LinkedIn, should I let anyone and everyone in as a connection?  

• Jennifer Blakeney, Guaranteed Express Courier, asked Alan Robinson, anti-social MEDIA:  For those of us in a service industry, what is our best social media platform and what kind of content should we post?  

• Darren Gardner, TeksInc, asked Denise Koval, Art That Grows:  What do you think of artificial grass?

• Denise Koval, Art That Grows, asked Michael Bosco, SafeHaven Pest Control:  What is your latest and greatest for mosquitoes?  

Check out the great answers....

DEA Meeting: Supreme Lending

Next DEA Meeting:

Supreme Lending

Join us next week as Ron Schulz with Supreme Lending will be giving the presentation!


President Jennifer Blakeney welcomed everyone to meeting #4,628 of the DEA, celebrating 83 years!

Results reported to date for 2018 are $636,573 and Money Spent is $477,299!

Thanks to Gary de Rodriguez, Peopleistic, for a great presentation last week!  We are looking forward to "Part 2" on September 11th!


Good News Stories!

Denise Koval, Art that Grows:  it's raining and Chinch bugs hate the rain!

Brian Eltis, Complete Supply: just had his 9th grandchild born this week, a girl, 7 lbs 2 oz!


30-Second Commercials!

Alan Robinson, anti-social MEDIA, we are a full-service social media management company.  One business charges $80K for social media management and at the other end of the spectrum are those who say "we do that, too".  anti-social MEDIA is right in the middle of that:  intentional social media management for a reasonable cost.  Twice a week, Alan is going to start posting articles "How to Build your Social Media from Scratch" on LinkedIn.  It will get you started.  Then, when you get tired of being "the guy", anti-social MEDIA will be there to help!


Happy Birthday to:

Jack van Wunnik, Thomas O. Bailey, CPA

on the 20th!


Darren Gardner, TeksInc., introduced our guests today:

• Adnan Badr with Aloovi,, guest of Ashley Kinney.

Last week, Ben Dalton, Keller Williams Commercial, introduced our guests:

•  Blake Spangler,, son and guest of Michelle Spangler

• Adnan Badr with Aloovi,, guest of Ashley Kinney, and signed up to visit through MeetUp.


Upcoming Books for the Book Club

For September 17th, our book will be: The Code of Trust: An American Counterintelligence Expert's Five Rules to Lead and Succeed by Robin Dreeke. 

For those who want to plan ahead, prefer to read slower, or just want more time to prepare, our October 29th book will be The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything by Paul Vigna.  On December 10th, we will discuss Superconnector: Stop Networking and Start Building Business Relationships that Matter by Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh.

We will meet to discuss each book at 6:30 pm at Dr. Paul's home.  We are having a great time!  Even if you don't get to finish the book, come join and discuss!


B2B Group

The B2B Group had a great meeting today at Atomic Design and Consulting!  The next meeting will be September 11th, from noon - 1pm.


Wine Tasting!

Join us for a great evening of fun, networking, and wine, September 6th from 6-9 pm at Times 10 Cellars in Lakewood.  We will be tasting 4 of their wines and choose a glass of wine.  After the wine tasting is done, Ron will bring in some Scalini's pizza and more wine will follow!  The cost is only $30 per person for the evening!  Simply email Dianna to sign up today!

Times 10 Cellars is located at 6324 Prospect Ave, Dallas, TX 75214.

Map Available....


Scheduling for 2019!

Thank you to everyone who has scheduled a presentation for this year!  We are happy to report that all of our program dates are filled for 2018!  Let's get rolling on the 2019 schedule, starting January 8th!


Board Report

Edgar Esparza, A-Star Heating and Air, presented the Board report.  Attendance at our last meeting was 41 present with 2 guests.  17 one-on-one's were reported.  Members reported giving a total of 31 A leads, 35 B leads, 35 C leads and receiving 35 leads.

Big "A" Lead givers:  Dr. Paul Chafetz, Dr. Janell Kenny 
Big "B" Lead giver:  Guaranteed Express Courier

Members reported receiving $19,875 from DEA leads, and the Big Results-getter was Dr. Janell Kenny.  Members reported spending $23,525 with fellow DEA members, and the Big Spender was TeksInc.



The $31.00 raffle drawing was won by Vinnie Kiedrowski, Guaranteed Express Courier!


• August 21, Supreme Lending

• August 28, Dr. Paul Chafetz

• September 4, NO DEA Meeting!  Labor Day

• September 6, Wine Tasting 6-9pm

• September 11, Peopleistic:  The Structure of Charisma

• September 11, B2B Group, noon


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