April 3, 2018

DEA Meeting: Dr. Paul Chafetz

Dr. Paul Chafetz was introduced by Chris Clausen. Chris has known Dr. Paul for 25 years!  He has been serving Dallas for a long time.  Check out his amazing website and blog; it is very informative!  Dr. Paul is a great life-coach, has tremendous insight, is very compassionate and has also published many articles and a book!

Dr. Paul trained at Brown University, the University of Florida, Duke University Medical Center and Texas Research Institute of Mental Sciences. He was in part-time private practice of clinical psychology in Dallas from 1982 – 2002, while also teaching psychology at TWU and at UT Southwestern Medical Center as an associate professor.  He has been working full-time in private practice since 2003.

Dr. Paul’s work is based on a core belief that the reason people face so many struggles and dilemmas in life, love and loss is so we can learn from living and grow from learning. Whatever adjustment life is asking us to make, we can and should “Grow Into It!”. It is his job to help adults “Grow Into It”!

Dr. Paul’s practice includes 4 areas of expertise:  Clinical Psychology (ages 21-101), Forensic Psychology (evaluating mental capacity), mental readiness for life after work, and loving difficult relatives. He focused on the first and last of these today.

A foundational concept is personality.  Personality is formed by influences from nature, nurture and choices.  Dr. Paul believes our choices are the most important.  Choice is what gives each of us an opening to improve ourselves and grow.  However, people have to want to change and do the work.  His goal is for…

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In lieu of a booksigning, Dr. Paul is having a raffle for a delicious, delivered dinner for 2 from Remarkable Affairs Catering!  To enter the raffle, email Dr. Paul (DrPaul@PaulKChafetz.com) the full names and email addresses of 3 adults in the Dallas area who agree to receive Dr. Chafetz’ blog!  You can enter as many times as you want!  All subsequent entries need only one entry.  The winners will be chosen next week!

DEA Meeting: Sewell Lexus on Millennials

Next Week:

Sewell Lexus on Millennials

Cooper Bibb and Ross Taylor with Sewell Lexus will be giving our presentation on Millennials! 



5 Stand Shoot will be Rescheduled!

We were rained-out, but will reschedule soon!


President Mariann Montgomery welcomed everyone to meeting #4,612 of the DEA, celebrating 83 years!

Results reported to date for 2018 are $374,691 and Money Spent is $158,872!

Thanks to Braden Howell, New York Life, for a great presentation last week!


Good News Stories!

Michael Bosco, Safe Haven Pest Control:  his 4th grader has been accepted into St. Marks!

Scott Scribner, Keller Williams Residential, is really glad that Ken Teagle, Innovative Roofing, survived his rattle snake hunt!


30-Second Commercial!

Darren Gardner, TEKS Inc., there are reasons to have your storage in the cloud or in the small cloud.  Both environments provide protection, backup power and other important services.  However, with the "small cloud" environment, Darren can go put his hands on it if there is a problem instead of relying on some huge company that you can't reach.  Check with TEKS Inc., specializing in companies with 10-100 computers in all industries!

Mark McDaniel, Remarkable Affairs Catering:  we are full-service caterers.  When it is time to fire up the grill, we can bring the meat!  With our "Delectable Deliverables", we will deliver top-quality meats with homemade rubs and marinades ready for your grill! 


Sign up for

30-Second Commercials & Good News Stories!

To avoid that awkward pause as we determine who will give their "news" next, we would like you to sign up to do a 30-Second Commercial or Good News story.  Just call or email Dianna so we can have you on the agenda.  We will try to limit the spots to 2 members each week.


Austin Owens, Cornerstone Chem-Dry, has graciously offered to help those of us struggling with the "posting", "liking", "checking in", and finding where it is really "@"!  He will be available right after the 1st and last meetings of each month, or by scheduled appointment.  If you would like to sign up to be in one of his groups, email Austin or Dianna.

Austin's contact information is on the DEA website!


Julie Grant, Julie Grant Interiors, introduced our guests today:

• Gunnar Thelander with Massage Kneads & Wellness, Gunnar@massagekneads.com, guest of Mark McDaniel

• Chris Campbell with Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management, Chris.b.campbell@ml.com, guest of Kevin Taylor

• Michelle Spangler with Infused Oils & Vinegars, chefmichelle@infusedoilsandvinegars.com, guest of Maude Cejudo

• Marty Pechauer with Right Staff, mpechauer@rightstaffinc.com, guest of Jennifer Blakeney

• Jeremy Bermender with Atomic Design & Consulting, Jeremy@atomicdc.com.

• Alan Robinson with Anti-Social Media, Alan@Antisocial-Media.net, guest of Austin Owens

• Phillip Applebaum with Halff Associates, papplebaum@halff.com, guest of Dr. Paul Chafetz


To those celebrating their

DEA Anniversary in April:

Audio Video Innovations - 4 years!

Guaranteed Express Courier Service - 19 years!


Innagural Book Club April 23rd

at Dr. Paul's house!

The DEA Book Club will meet the evening of April 23rd at Dr. Paul's house to discuss our first book: Extreme Ownership:  How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win by Jocko Willink.  It's not too late too late to get a copy and join us!  Give it 3 chapters and then decide if you want to join us!

Bill Gates says to read 50 books a year.  Mark Cuban says to read 3 hours every day.  Warren Buffet says to read 500 pages every day.  President Mariann Montgomery says we are improving minds and attitudes by studying the written word.  Dr. Seuss says the more you read the more places you will go, the more places you will go, the more things you will learn!

DEA Golf Outing

Golf Outing

Join us at Cowboy's Golf Club on June 26th for a 1:30 shot-gun start!  For golfers, the fees include lunch, dinner and a great afternoon of golfing in between!  Prizes and raffle drawings at dinner!  Register today, just reply to this email!  

Golfers:  $135.00 (if registered before 5/15) 
              $145.00 (registered after 5/15) 
Hole Sponsor – $150.00
Lunch only – $37.50
Dinner only – $37.50
Lunch & Dinner – $62.50


Get on the Calendar!

We are scheduling presentations for the summer, starting June 5th!  Don't let your best date get away!


Board Report

Mark McDaniel, Remarkable Affairs Catering, presented the Board report for March 20th, indicating there was a total of 42 present with 3 guests recording:

• 28 “A” leads

• 34 “B” leads

• 40 “C” leads

• 10 One-on-One’s 

• 16 Leads Received

• $12,259 results

• $25,215 spent with members

The Big Results-getter was CNC Home Care.  The Big Spender was TEKS Inc.  The Big “A” Lead givers: CNC Home Care,   Remarkable Painting.  Tables 4 & 6:  everyone in attendance also attended the Booksigning.



The $27.00 raffle drawing was won by John Anderson, Complete Mailing Partners!

Scott Scribner, Keller Williams Residential, won the drawing for Ken Teagle's, Innovative Roofing, brisket!


• April 4, Board meeting, 5:30pm

• April 10, Sewell Lexus on Millennials

• April 17, Guest Speaker, Bill Bancroft:  The Potato Sack Chronicles

• April 23, DEA Book Club

• April 24, Take Time to Travel

• May 1, Alamo Title


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