March 20, 2018

DEA Meeting: New York Life

Ron Schulz introduced Braden Howell.  Ron finds that most finance people don't know what they are talking about.  Not only does Braden know his stuff, but he actually cares:  you can trust him!

Braden introduced his Dad, who was a member of the DEA for many years, and thanked McShan's for the beautiful flowers and those in the room that he has been able to serve!  He loves what he does, is very passionate about it and does not take it lightly when you trust him with your business.

Braden shared a hot stock tip, that he cleared with Kevin Taylor, first!  This stock is with an established company in America, with about 5-6% annual growth and has paid a dividend for 164 consecutive years, tax-free!  Their primary, core business has built-in cost-control, built-in measures to help prevent loss, and their stock can only go up!  It is life insurance from New York Life!

Braden answered the question:  how does someone end up in life insurance?  He is supposed to be playing for the Dallas Cowboys; that was his big dream.  Braden grew up in Dallas and went to TCU, where he realized that God made football players and he was not one of them!  He got a degree in journalism.  In college, he met the love of his life, Rebecca; they are now married with three kids:  Caleb, Landry, and Finley.  They are his pride and joy!  Tom Landry’s priorities were:  faith, family, football.  Braden’s are faith, family, and what he does:  New York Life…

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We're Gonna Have a Blast March 27th!!!

Come join us to shoot clays, eat delicious BBQ and have a great time from 3:30-6pm at Elm Fork Shooting Sports!  We will NOT have a morning meeting that week so we will have time to make it out for this event.  This will be 5-Stand Shooting.  Michael Bosco’s brother will provide BBQ jalapeno poppers and chopped brisket sandwiches and we will have water bottles and soft drinks available.

Bring protective eyewear.  We will have foam ear plugs available, but fee free to bring any additional hearing protection you would like.

The cost for the event is $30/person for food and clays and you can bring or purchase (at the event) whatever ammo you want to shoot.  Reply to this email to let Dianna know if you are coming and if you are bringing guest(s)!

Michael recommended taking NW Highway and go north on Luna from there.  If you find yourself on a gravel road, it is not a mistake!  If you have any questions, call Michael or Dianna.

DEA Meeting: Dr. Paul Chafetz

President Mariann Montgomery welcomed everyone to meeting #4,611 of the DEA, celebrating 83 years!

Results reported to date for 2018 are $345,330 and Money Spent is $138,539!

Thanks to Ken Teagle, Innovative Roofing, for a great presentation and a fun party last week!  Ken is going to have a drawing at our next meeting, from those that attended his party, for a delicious brisket!


We are pleased to welcome to our newest member:




Gary De Rodriguez


30-Second Commercial & Good News Story!

Mark McDaniel, Remarkable Affairs Catering:  Darryl Galen has always emphasized going back through your client list to see who you have not talked to in 90 days.  Just like a good waiter finds a reason to revisit a table, find a reason to pick up the phone!  Chef Mark decided to drop off some breakfast tacos with homemade salsa to touch base with clients and is now doing a breakfast for 300 on Friday!

Chef Mark is also happy to talk to you about breakfast tacos and homemade salsa!


Sign up for

30-Second Commercials & Good News Stories!

In order to avoid that awkward pause as we try to determine who will give their "news" next, we would like you to sign up to do a 30-Second Commercial or Good News story.  Just call or email Dianna so we can have you on the agenda.  We will try to limit the spots to 2 members each week.


What are your Social Media links?

We would like to update your social media links on our website!  To facilitate this, please send Dianna an email with links to the social media that you use!


Austin Owens, Cornerstone Chem-Dry, has graciously offered to help those of us struggling with the "posting", "liking", "checking in", and finding where it is really "@"!  He will be available right after the 1st and last meetings of each month, or by scheduled appointment.  If you would like to sign up to be in one of his groups, email Austin or Dianna.

Austin's contact information is on the DEA website!


Cynthia Oliver, Preferred Business Solutions, introduced our guests today:

• Kat Warwick with The Art Life Way,, guest of Ashley Kenny.

• Jeremy Bermender with Atomic Design & Consulting,, visited our website.

• Jamaal Wilkins with the Frisco Rough Riders,, guest of Austin Owens.


Happy Birthday!

• 30th - Susan Ward with Emerald Business Solutions

• 31st - Brad Swann with CopyNet Digital Imaging Solutions


Book Club Meeting April 23rd

at Dr. Paul's house!

The DEA Book Club will meet the evening of April 23rd at Dr. Paul's house to discuss our first book: Extreme Ownership:  How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win by Jocko Willink.  It's not too late too late to get a copy and join us!  


Get on the Calendar!

We are scheduling presentations for the summer!  The first two weeks of June are open, and then we are wide open starting July 10th.  Don't let your best date get away!


Golf Tournament: June 26th!

Put it on your calendar now!  Please let Jennifer Blakeney know if you would like to be a sponsor or donate an auction item!  Prices will be the same as last year!


Board Report

Keith Brown, Audio Video Innovations, presented the Board report for March 13th, indicating there was a total of 41 present with 6 guests recording:

• 33 “A” leads

• 38 “B” leads

• 37 “C” leads

• 9 One-on-One’s 

• 29 Leads Received

• $29,361 results

• $20,333 spent with members

The Big Results-getters were Keller Williams ResidentialTake Time to Travel.  The Big Spenders were Audio Video InnovationsTEKS Inc.  The Big “A” Lead giver:  Your Web Guys.  The Big “B” Lead givers: Dr. Janell KennyGuaranteed Express CourierKeller Williams Residential.  The Big “C” Lead givers: Moore Insurance, Dr. Janell Kenny, Keller Williams Residential.



The $43.00 raffle drawing was won by Keith Horniman, Pilot's Building Maintenance!


• March 27, NO Morning Meeting

• March 27, 5 Stand Shooting!  3:30-6pm

• April 3, Dr. Paul Chafetz

• April 10, Sewell Lexus on Millennials

• April 17, Guest Speaker, Bill Bancroft:  The Potato Sack Chronicles

• April 24, Take Time to Travel


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Celebrating Our 83rd Anniversary 1935 - 2018