February 20, 2018

DEA Meeting: Thomas O. Bailey, CPA

DEA Meeting: Thomas O. Bailey, CPA

Marcello Guercini introduced Jack van Wunnik with Thomas O. Bailey, CPA.  Jack spent years in the business world before becomming a CPA and joining Thomas O. Bailey, so he has a special relationship with his customers and understands their point of view.  Jack approaches business in the utmost professional way and uses language normal people can understand.  If you have a problem or business issue to solve, he is better than Advil to take your pain away!  Jack is a sports enthusiast and especially loves baseball and soccer!

Jack shared a lot of information about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  With tax brackets expanded and the rates lowered the overall effective tax rate should be lower.  However, due to other changes, a  reduction in the tax bill for most taxpayers is not assured!  There are a lot of provisions in the Act that are good for those who own their own businesses.

The Standard Deduction has been almost doubled in an effort to reduce those who need to itemize.  The Personal and Dependent Exemptions have been removed since the standard deductions are higher; hard to say if you will benefit.  The Individual Health Care Mandate penalty has been removed.  The Child Tax credit is now $2,000.  529 Accounts can be used for elementary and secondary school expenses and not just for college.

Personal and Nonbusiness Deductions have been changed in many ways.  Itemized deductions…

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February 27: 

Members-only Meeting!

We will have a special "members only" meeting on February 27th!  It will be a great, informative meeting that will help you in your business, as well!  You will not want to miss the meeting, but please do not invite any guests that day!  Guests are welcome any other week!

DEA Meeting: How to Build High Performing Teams with Gary De Rodriguez

March 6th Meeting: How to Build High Performing Teams

Our guest speaker, Gary De Rodriguez, CEO Peopleistic USA, will be giving the presentation on "How to Build High Performing Teams"!


President Mariann Montgomery welcomed everyone to meeting #4,607 of the DEA, celebrating 83 years!

Results reported to date for 2018 are $67,850 and Money Spent is $66,775!

Thanks to Mark Kisner, Remarkable Painting, for a great presentation and delicious brownies last week!


Good News Stories!

Darren Gardner, Teks Inc.: we have gotten more efficient and have capacity for new clients!  His other business got an additional airplane, so there is more capacity there, as well! 

Ron Schulz, Supreme Lending:  received the 5-Star award for the State of Texas for mortgage lending!

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30-Second Commercials!

Ashley Kinney, Your Web Guys:  the center of your marketing world is your website!  So if it is not working for you, you are not doing business!  Let us help make your website great!

Michael Bosco, Safe Haven Pest Control:  Next Door is a great app for us!  If someone asks for a referral for pest control, please put our name out there!


Julie Grant, Julie Grant Interiors, introduced our visitors:

• Gary De Rodriguez with Peopleistic LLC, guest of Michael Bosco

• Alan Robinson with Anti-Social Media, guest of Austin Owens

• Adnan Zaidi with Stellar Stream Solutions, from MeetUp

• Aamir Ashraf with Dotcomsourcing Inc, from MeetUp

• Austin Owens with Cornerstone Chem-Dry, guest of Randy Herman


5 Stand Shooting & BBQ March 27th

Come join us to shoot clays, eat delicious BBQ and have a great time from 3:30-6pm on March 27th at Elm Fork Shooting Sports!  We will NOT have a morning meeting that week so we will have time to make it out for this event.  This will be 5-Stand Shooting.  Michael Bosco’s brother will provide BBQ jalapeno poppers and chopped brisket sandwiches and we will have water bottles and soft drinks available.

The cost for the event is $30/person for food and clays and you can bring or purchase (at the event) whatever ammo you want to shoot. 

Reply to this email to let Dianna know if you are coming and if you are bringing guest(s)!


Join us for the DEA Book Club!

Brand new, hot off the press!  The DEA is starting a Book Club!  Our first book is Extreme Ownership:  How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win by Jocko Willink.  Dr. Paul says, get the book (even available on Audible), read 3 chapters and then decide if you want to join the Book Club now or later!  We will pick a date about 2 months out to go to lunch and discuss the book!

As Mariann said, we are "Improving minds and attitudes by exploring the written word….."


Happy Birthday to 

Andy Montgomery, Murphy Business and Financial Corporation, celebrating his birthday on the 23rd!


Membership Proposal

The following firm has been approved for publication by the Board of Directors.  If you have an objection to this firm it must be submitted in writing to the DEA office no later than March 6, 2018.

Peopleistic LLC
Gary De Rodriguez
5080 Spectrum Dr., Addison, TX  75001
Classification:  Small Business Coaching/Consulting
Sponsor:  Michael Bosco


Board Report

Chris Boots, Halo Branded Solutions, presented the Board Report for the week of February 13, 2018, which advised there was a total of 47 present with 7 guests recording:

• 22 “A” leads

• 30 “B” leads

• 40 “C” leads

• 3 One-on-one's 

• 27 leads received

• $17,335 results

• $20,179 spent with members 

The Big Result Getter was Remarkable Painting.  The Big Spender was Guaranteed Express CourierThe Big "B" Lead Givers: Biggers Law Firm, Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management, Pilot's Building Maintenance.



The $45.00 raffle drawing was won by Keith Horniman, Pilot's Building Maintenance!



• February 27, Here's the Deal! - Members-only meeting

• March 6, Guest Speaker, Gary De Rodriguez: "How to build High Performing Teams"

• March 7, Board Meeting

• March 13, Innovative Roofing

• March 15, Innovative Roofing Open House/ Booksigning

• March 20, New York Life

• March 27, NO Morning Meeting

• March 27, 5 Stand Shooting!  3:30-6pm


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Celebrating Our 83rd Anniversary 1935 - 2018