January 9, 2018


DEA Meeting: Guest Speaker, Jamie Crosbie:

Creating a Peak Performance Mindset

Jennifer Blakeney introduced our guest speaker, Jamie Crosbie.  Jamie started her career in traditional recruiting firms primarily in sales leadership positions, then served as vice President of Sales at Career Builder.  She founded ProActivate over 13 years ago.  Jamie has 20 years of experience in sales leadership and the talent acquisition industry.  Jamie is the author of The Power of 2, Exponential Sales Leadership and a speaker specializing in Peak Performance Mindset within sales organizations.

Jamie shared that the biggest hit to our own success is what happens in our minds.  That is the same for CEO’s, sales people, executives or anyone in a company; they all struggle with mindset.

The factors in businesses that drive success are people, process and technology.  To win at your company, people need the right skill-set, mindset and tool-set.  The company provides the tool-set, but often when hiring a person, the only thing considered is their skill-set.  However, 80% of success comes from mindset.  An “A” player, not even as skilled as a “B” player, but with a winning mindset, will win bigger.

Most of us speak to ourselves in a negative way throughout the day and don’t even know we are doing it.  This is what inhibits our performance and causes us to miss opportunities.  Research shows that 80% of our thoughts are naturally negative.

How do we flip the script and think with peak performance mindsets, optimizing our potential and thinking at a higher level?…

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DEA Meeting: Guest Speaker, Dick Davis, Texas Discovery Gardens

President Mariann Montgomery welcomed everyone to meeting #4,602 of the DEA, celebrating 83 years!

Results reported to date for 2017 are $1,098,302 and Money Spent is $767,525!

Thanks to David Smith, Frost Bank, for a great presentation last week!


Good News Stories!

Keith Brown, Audio Video Innovations: our numbers this year were three times what they were 4 years ago! 

Rich Parker, Sewell Cadillac1st grandchild is expected in about a week!


30-Second Commercials!

Mark McDaniel, Remarkable Affairs Catering: it is a great time to own 2018 and make lifestyle changes!  Look into our Personal Chef Services where we plan, shop, and prepare food just for you!

Ben Dalton, Keller Williams Commercial:  a lot of deals get done in the fall, which is only 9 months away!  If you know anyone who would like to buy, sell, or lease commercial Real Estate, now if the time to start!

Michael Bosco, Safe Haven Pest Control:  business is good and we are looking for a new guy or gal for field work!


Cynthia Oliver, Preferred Business Solutions, introduced our visitors:

• Ruben Hernandez with VIP Signs and Graphics, Ruben.H@VIPsignsandgraphics.com, guest of Mark McDaniel.

• Joshua Curtin with VIP Signs and Graphics, Josh.C@VIPsignsandgraphics.com, guest of Mark McDaniel.

• Laura Bouie with VIP Signs and Graphics, guest of Mark McDaniel.

• Ardis Stephens with Edward Jones, from Meet Up.


Happy Anniversary to:

• Complete Mailing Partners - 11 years!

• Halo Branded Solutions - 2 years!

• Remarkable Affairs Catering - 5 years!


Open Hunting Season

It is still Open Hunting Season for quail, woodcock and DEA members who need to give a presentation!  We are hunting for presenters for February 27th and booking on through the year!


The Category of Business Coaching is now open, vacated by ProActive Leadership Group.


Past President's Luncheon

The Past President's Luncheon is scheduled for January 31st from 11:30-1:30.  If you are a Past President, please let Dianna know if you are available to join us!


Board Report

Keith Brown, Audio Video Innovations, presented the Board Report for the week of December 19, 2017, which advised there was a total of 35 present with 2 guests recording:

• 27 “A” leads

• 35 “B” leads

• 32 “C” leads

• 3 One-on-one's 

• 26 leads received

• $11,959 results

• $18,013 spent with members 

The Big Result Getter was Dr. Janell Kenny.  The Big Spender was McShan FloristThe Big "A" Lead Giver: Remarkable Painting.  The Big "B" Lead Givers: Guaranteed Express CourierMcShan FloristBiggers Law FirmMerrill Lynch Global Wealth Management.  The Big "C" Lead Givers: Moore InsuranceDr. Janell KennyKeller Williams Residential, Sewell Cadillac.



The $40.00 raffle drawing was won by Mark McDaniel, Remarkable Affairs Catering!


• January 10, New Member Orientation, 11:30am

• January 10, Board meeting

• January 16, Guest Speaker, Dick Davis, Executive Director of the Texas Discovery Gardens

• January 23, Teks, Inc.

• January 30, Pilot's Building Maintenance

• January 31, Past President's Lunch, 11:30am


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Celebrating Our 83rd Anniversary 1935 - 2018