November 14, 2017

DEA Meeting: Julie Grant Interiors

DEA Meeting:

Julie Grant Interiors

Julie Grant with Julie Grant Interiors shared about her design business, which centers around window treatments, furniture and accessories, and design and remodeling.  Julie can do anything from complete design from conception to installation or just confirm your choice of paint colors.

Ron Schulz introduced Julie.  She does not drink, cuss, gamble, or smoke, yet Julie calls Ron her friend! What she does allow Ron to do, as one of his best friends, is take total claim for how good his homes look when people come over!  For those of you who are looking to make all of your friends jealous and be able to take all of the credit for it and to have the most trustworthy, wonderful person to work with to make it happen, use Julie Grant!

Read More about some great products available and some of Julie's recent projects....

Julie Grant Interiors Open House/Booksigning

Julie Grant Interiors Open House/Booksigning


The Open House has been moved to November 30th! 

Join us for a fun, informal time of networking at the Open House for Julie Grant Interiors!  It will be Thursday, Novermber 30th From 4:-6:30pm at Signature Floors, 4555 Excel Parkway, Addison!

Map Available....

DEA Meeting: Your Web Guys.Net

Next DEA Meeting,

November 28th:

Your Web Guys.Net

Also, DEA Board Nominations will be announced and emailed for the January - June 2018 directors.


President Barbara Scribner welcomed everyone to meeting #4,597 of the DEA, celebrating 82 years!

Results reported to date for 2017 are $990,084 and Money Spent is $685,156!

Thanks to Steve Ward, Emerald Business Solutions, for a great program last week!


Good News Stories!

Dr. Paul Chafetz, Psychologist:  There is an article in the Senior Living Section of today's Dallas Morning News featuring me and my new book!  Pick up a copy and share with your friends!  You can also find a link to the online article on the DEA's website homepage under "Articles from Our Members".

Braden Howell, New York Life:  The 3rd grade, kid pitch Brewers team completed the season and are the 3rd Grade Division III tournament champions!


30-Second Commercials!

Denise Koval, Art That Grows: they are saying it is going to be hot and dry this winter!  Keep watering twice a week at 50% of your normal watering amount.  Set your system to run about noon to avoid your own personal ice storm!  In a few months, you can drop it to once a week.


Dr. Paul's Challenge!

In 2012, when Dr. Paul Chafetz joined the DEA, we had 86 members; now we have 47.  Business success is not based on how many Facebook friends you have.  It is based on how many quality referral partners you have:  how many relationships you have with people who already know, like and trust you and have access to the perfect customer you are looking for.  We are missing out on the synergy of having good referral partners.  We are looking for younger, vigorous business people who are totally at home in the world of SnapChat and Twitter, but also understand that business success is based on relationships.  We need them and they need us.  For us to reach 2020 as the vibrant and robust business engine the DEA can and should be, the time to find our new members is now!

Dr. Paul provided a list of the open categories he could think of; you are welcome to add more!  Every one of you knows at least one younger business person who fits into one of these categories.  Commit to contacting them in the next two or three weeks!

Bringing in new members is how we protect our investment!  The Board can't do it alone; only we can do it!


Daryl Galen, d. galen graphics, introduced our visitors:

• Danielle Girdano of Dfine Sculpture and Nutrition,, guest of Chris Clausen.

• Tessa Bache-Wiig, Director of Business Development of Alamo Title Company,, guest of Ted Biggers.

• Ashley Kinney of Your-Web-Guys,, guest of Richard Kinney.


Happy Thanksgiving! 

Remember, no meeting

November 21st!


Don't wait:  December 1st is the deadline to RSVP!


Save the Date:  December 12th!  Kevin Taylor of Merrill Lynch has invited a guest speaker to our meeting to give us an overview of Social Security and strategies around taking Social Security.  This is a great time to invite guests who would appreciate this information as well as those who might be interested in checking out the DEA!


Join the Dallas Executives Association Breakfast on Meet Up and indicate you are coming to our meetings!  A lot of people who are just looking around Meet Up have "joined" our Meet Up group, but it looks like we only have 8 people coming to our meetings!  That's not good!  We are not watching Meet Up to check attendance.  Just let the world know that you come to our meetings!  You can easily sign up for everything that has been calendared so far!


Board Report

Cooper Bibb, Sewell Lexus, presented the Board Report for the week of November 7, 2017, which advised there was a total of 37 present with 3 guests recording:

• 23 “A” leads

• 24 “B” leads

• 28 “C” leads

• 1 One-on-one's 

• 30 leads received

• $18,546 results

• $7,835 spent with members 

The Big Result Getter was Copynet Digital Imaging Solutions.  The Big Spender was Biggers Law Firm.  The Big "A: Lead Givers:  Remarkable PaintingCNC Home Care, The Big "B" Lead giver: Biggers Law Firm The Big "C" Lead giver: Dr. Janell Kenny.



The $25.00 raffle drawing was won by Braden Howell, New York Life!


• November 21, Thanksgiving holiday, no meeting

• November 28, Your Web Guys.Net

• November 28, Board Nominations Announced, ballots sent

• November 30, Julie Grant Interiors Open House/Booksigning, 4-6:30pm

• December 5, Sewell Cadillac

• December 6, Board meeting

• December 8, Christmas Party


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