October 17, 2017

DEA Meeting: Copynet Digital Imaging Solutions

DEA Meeting: Copynet Digital Imaging Solutions

Dr. Paul Chafetz introduced Brad Swan with Copynet Digital Imaging Solutions.  Brad is from Mesquite and a graduate of SMU.  He has been in the copier business for 30 years and is an 18-year DEA veteran.  Brad and his wife have three children and 7 grandchildren.  Brad loves fishing, hunting and shooting, in addition to following the activities of his grandchildren.  He is a Clark Kent: mild mannered, but under that shirt, he is Superman!  He leapt tall buildings to transform the copier experience of all the people who work in Dr. Paul's suite, bringing them the outstanding levels of quality and value that only Copynet can provide!

If you work with copiers, you will still have to deal with toner, paper and miss-feeds, however, today's copier and document handling systems offer a lot of features!  Copynet can provide supplies and service for almost any printer on the market.  Their main products are RICOH, Savin, KYOCERA, Copystar and Hewlett Packard systems, from small desktop printers to large systems with binders.  The RICOH interactive whiteboard can connect with computers and another interactive whiteboard anywhere.  Copiers can do wireless printing from home to office.  For DEA members, Brad can usually their cut costs by 1/3 - 1/2 or provide a whole lot more capability and dependability....

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Copynet Digital Imaging Solutions Open House/ Booksigning 11am-2pm

Copynet Digital Imaging Solutions Open House/ Booksigning

Copynet Digital Imaging Solutions will have a lunch-time Open House/ Booksigning Thursday from 11am-2pm at 2805 E. Plano Parkway, #100, Plano 75074.  It is very easy to get to, right off of I-75 and George Bush Tollway.

Join us for a great time with sandwiches and drinks and an opportunity to see their beautiful new building, great equipment set up on the show room floor and the warehouse!

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DEA Meeting: Audio Video Innovations

Audio Video Innovations Open House/ Booksigning

October 26, 4-7pm, join us for a great time of networking and an opportunity to see a full Audio Video Innovations system in place! The Open House will be at 6001 Southwind Ln, McKinney, TX 75070.  Keith will send out special instructions to get access to the house.


President Barbara Scribner welcomed everyone to meeting #4,593 of the DEA, celebrating 82 years!

Results reported to date for 2017 are $853,240 and Money Spent is $584,021!

Thanks to Marcello Guercini, Craddock Lumber, for a great program last week!


Good News Stories!

Ron Schulz, Supreme Lending, successfully moved his office!  He is now 7 minutes from where he wakes up in the morning and just down the hall from Thomas O. Bailey, CPA.

Mark McDaniel, Remarkable Affairs Catering, is still standing!  Networking works!  Through a word-of-mouth referral, they just catered for the National Hot Rod Association for the 7th year!


30-Second Commercials!

Keith Brown, Audio Video Innovations: We will have an open house next week, the 26th, at 6001 Southwind Ln, McKinney, 4-7pm.  Come, see what a house with a full system looks like!

Mark McDaniel, Remarkable Affairs Catering, we do pack a boxed lunch if you would like it for the trip out to McKinney!  On November 2nd, we will have a VIP open house/reception at the Cafe with holiday hor d'oeuvres, from 4-7pm!


Mark McDaniel, Remarkable Affairs Catering, introduced our visitor:

Jeff Emery, Jeff.Emery@copyprintscan.com, guest of Brad Swan, Copynet Office Systems.


Open Category

The category of Title Insurance is open, vacated by Lawyer's Title.


We are going to have a lot of fun!  RSVP's needed!  Just reply to this email!

Member companies have been billed $100, which includes 2 attendees; additional guests are $50 each.

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Happy birthday wishes to:

• October 17 - Barbara Scribner (Keller Williams Residential)

• October 22 - Mark Kinser (Remarkable Painting)


The Dallas Executives Association is now on MeetUp!  Look for the Dallas Executives Association Breakfast and join!


Board Report

Michael Bosco, Safe Haven Pest Control, presented the Board Report for the week of October 10, 2017, which advised there was a total of 38 present with 2 guests recording:

• 25 “A” leads

• 31 “B” leads

• 34 “C” leads

• 13 One-on-one's 

• 21 leads received

• $58,559 results

• $37,297 spent with members 

The Big Result Getter was Art That Grows.  The Big Spender was Cornerstone Chem-Dry.  The Big "A" Lead giver: CMC Rebar.  The Big "B" Lead giver: CMC Rebar The Big "C" Lead givers: Complete Mailing PartnersMoore Insurance, Biggers Law Firm, Copynet Office Systems, Keller Williams Residential.



Marcello Guercini, Craddock Lumber, held a drawing for two-$25 gift certificates for those who participated in his online Booksigning.  The winners were:  Jack van Wunnik, Thomas O. Bailey, CPA and Julie Grant, Julie Grant Interiors!

The $48.00 raffle drawing was won by Ron Schulz, Supreme Lending!


• October 19, CopyNet Open House, 11am-2pm

• October 24, Audio Video Innovations

• October 26, Audio Video Innovations Open House, 4-7pm

• October 31, Remarkable Affairs Catering

• October 31, Nominating Committee Announced

• November 2, Remarkable Affairs Catering Open House, 4-7pm


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