September 19, 2017

DEA Meeting: Murphy Business & Financial Corp.

DEA Meeting: Murphy Business & Financial Corp.

Mariann Montgomery shared with us the Steps to Preparing a Business for Sale!  Whether you are a business owner or work for a business owner, you can also apply these principles to transferring the business to the next generation, or even a company buy-out.

Murphy Business is a franchise system that has been around for over 25 years.  It is the largest brokerage firm in the U.S., measured by the number of transactions and the total dollar amount of transactions.  There are over 350 franchise owners and agents in the U.S. and Canada.  When Murphy Business takes a business to market, they sell over 80% of those businesses; the national average is 15%!  Murphy also happy to co-broker.

Andy and Mariann’s business is working with business owners to help them sell their business, transition or exit planning, business evaluations and equipment appraisals.…

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DEA Meeting: Supreme Lending

President Barbara Scribner welcomed everyone to meeting #4,590 of the DEA, celebrating 82 years!

Results reported to date for 2017 are $751,749 and Money Spent is $538,816!

Thanks to Dr. Paul Chafetz, clinical psychology, for a great program last week!


Good News!

Denise Koval, Art That Grows: we landed a big deal last Thursday:  a 6-figure job from a lead from a previous DEA member!

Brian Eltis, Complete Supply:  we just had our 8th grandchild and my father turned 100!


30-Second Commercials!

Denise Koval, Art That Grows: it is still hot and dry, with no rain in sight for 7-10 days.  Keep your sprinklers on!


There were no guests today.

Be sure to bring them next week!


Sign-up ends in just a few days!!

• 2 Hours of Guaranteed Fun - $75 per person

• Golf Bay Sponsorships  - $450 for 6 guests

• 6 Guests in Each Golf Bay

• Corporate Signage $50

• Fabulous Food, Friends & Fun

• Individual Tabs for Alcohol

• Guaranteed Express Courier Service is sponsoring dinner

• Golf Bay Sponsors include: CNC Home Care, Keller Williams Residential, Pilot's Building Maintenance, Supreme Lending, TeksInc

Join us for a great evening at Topgolf!  There will be no morning meeting that day, so you will be rested and ready to play and have some fun!

Reply to this email and let us know how many are coming!


The Dallas Executives Association is now on MeetUp!  Look for the Dallas Executives Association Breakfast and join!


How Many One-on-One's?

Our Table sheets have been updated to include the one-on-one's you had last week!  So, be sure to mark that at next week's meeting!


Check out the new "Featured Members" rotating ads on the DEA website pages! 

Your company can have an ad on the website and Greensheet for just $20/month!



Dallas Executives Association Christmas party

Friday, December 8th, 7-10pm!


Happy birthday wishes to:

• 20th - Staci Mirau (Remarkable Looks)

• 22nd - David Smith (Frost Bank)

• 22nd - Marcello Guercini (Craddock Lumber)


Board Report

Cooper Bibb, Sewell Lexus, presented the Board Report for the week of September 12, 2017, which advised there was a total of 31 present with one guest recording:

• 27 “A” leads

• 30 “B” leads

• 28 “C” leads  

• 23 leads received

• $66,452 results

• $18,089 spent with members 

The Big Result Getters were Innovative Roofing, A-Star Plumbing.  The Big Spender was A-Star Plumbing.  The Big "B" Lead givers: Remarkable Affairs Catering, Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management, Dr. Janell Kenny.  The Big "C" Lead givers: Keller Williams Residential, Biggers Law FirmMoore InsuranceDr. Janell Kenny.


3 Open Program Dates in 2017!

Is one of these your program date?  Don't miss out!  Call or email Dianna to get on the schedule!  Open program dates are November 28th, December 12th and 19th!



• Dr. Paul Chafetz held a drawing for those who visited his website after his presentation last week:  Mike Moore, Moore Insurance, and Darryl Galen, d.galen graphics, each won a Topgolf gift bag and Barbara Scribner, Keller Williams Residential, won the Topgolf gift certificate!

• The $35.00 raffle drawing was won by Mark Kinser, Remarkable Painting!


• September 26, Supreme Lending

• October 3, no morning meeting, Topgolf 6-8 PM

• October 10, Craddock Lumber

• October 17, CopyNet Office Systems


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