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Michael Bosco, SafeHaven Pest Control, introduced Darren Gardner, ProActive Leadership Group, this morning.  Michael has worked with ProActive Leadership Group for several years for his business coaching.  He believes no matter what type or size of organization you have; everyone needs a Business Coach!  They have been instrumental in coaching him and his business as they grew and through other business changes.  ProActive has helped them identify mistakes (or opportunities), move forward and improve on them in the next year.

Darren spent 30 years in the IT world, including starting his own business.  He began working with a business coach during that process, and in selling that company.  That is where he realized his WHY for business coaching: he loves helping people, loves talking about business, loves solving problems, and loves seeing progress and ProActive Leadership Group’s CORE PURPOSE, which is to make a positive impact on the lives of the people we work with.

ProActive Leadership Group is a group of 5 coaches covering areas such as Boston, Pennsylvania, Dallas-Ft. Worth, and San Diego.  They are a member of Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches, which has 100+ coaches serving 2500+ clients around the world. Each coach has a minimum of 25 years of business experience and is required to take 60 hours of continuing education per year.

Darren shared a quote from Steve Jobs, “I’m always amazed how overnight successes can take a helluva long time.”  You can’t build a business over night.  As part of their program, there are 4 decisions to drive and scale growth: people, execution, strategy, and cash.  Many companies write extensive business plans that sit on a shelf and collect dust.  ProActive implements a one-page business plan to review weekly and even daily in some cases.  This business plan begins with the foundation, this is the core ideology, purpose and customer.  This tells who you are and what customers you are looking for.  The next section lays out your 3-year plan; this includes your strategy, highly achievable goal, brand promise, profit corrects, differentiators, and even metrics, such as revenue to date and cash.  The next sections has you narrow down to your 1-year goal.  There are also sections for you company wide quarterly objectives, as well as, self or individual goals.

Darren spoke more in depth about one question in one of the four decisions – Cash.  Cash is oxygen to a business.  When you run out of cash, you lose.  ProActive works with clients on their cash conversion cycle, or how long does it take you to re-coup the money you have spent on a product or service.  For example, in the past if you ordered a computer from Dell, they would make the computer and you would pay once you had received it.  That cycle could take up to 2 months, but now you pay for the computer before they even start making it.  They receive their money back before they even start producing the computer, thus, shortening the cash conversion cycle.

Lastly, Darren compared business to an iceberg or the phrase “tip of an iceberg” meaning there is a lot more below the surface than above it.  Your brand promise is the tip of the iceberg, but what it takes to deliver that, core processors, systems, and policies, is the foundation under the surface.  There are also several triggers that may indicate the need for business coaching – “I’m working hard, but profits are bad”, “I have an employee that just doesn’t fit in”, or “my employees just aren’t engaged.”

Ideal prospects for ProActive Leadership Group:

  • $3M – $50M in revenue / 30 to 500 employees
  • Service Companies – Pest Control, HVAC, Plumbing, IT, Finance, etc. are examples of good prospects, but ProActive Leadership Group works in all industries.
  • They also do Executive Coaching and Peer Group coaching, for smaller or sole employee companies

Visit the ProActive Leadership Group website here to see how Darren can help you!

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