DEA Meeting: Simpatico

Mike Mirau, business coach and former DEA member, introduced Darren Gardner with Simpatico (previously Teks, Inc.).   Mike and Darren have known each other for 10+ years and have worked together on Darren’s business plan almost that entire time.  5 years ago, Mike introduced Darren to another company out of Lubbock, called Simpatico.  Darren and Simpatico dated for a while and eventually, last January, were married – uniting Teks, Inc. and Simpatico.  It was fun to watch both organizations come together as there are strengths in both of them.  Darren is an awesome East Texas boy and if he tells you something – you can take it to the bank!  His integrity is impeccable; he is a great guy who is really good at what he does!  One time, Mike was on a coaching call with Darren while he was at his mother-in-law’s house in East Texas.  The cellular service was getting kind of rough and Darren asked Mike to hold on a minute. Mike could hear all sorts of rustling on the other end and asked Darren what he was doing.  Darren said I have to move the hoe up a pole that had the cell booster on top.  Again, Darren does whatever it takes to get the job done!  Darren was quick to add that it was a garden hoe that he was using!

Darren started Teks, Inc., in 2003, after being fired from ClubCorp.  He grew the company to 16 employees and started thinking of what his exit plan would be and started speaking with the guys at Simpatico.  They had a lot of strengths in places he needed them, great culture, and really strong cyber security practices.  Both companies practiced their due diligence and decided to join forces, Teks, Inc., becoming fully owned by Simpatico.  Darren introduced Logan McLean, Simpatico, to describe some of what they do.

Logan McLean, VP of Business Development for Simpatico, is really excited about the merger of Teks, Inc. and Simpatico and they plan to hold onto Darren for as long as they can.  He will be their Vice President of Customer Experience and will work with new clients and be their fierce advocate for the first 90-120 days of their experience of coming on board with Simpatico.

Simpatico Systems is not just an IT company, he sees IT as the hub of the wheel and all of their services as the spokes.  IT connects everything that you do in a business from a technology perspective.  Because of this, Simpatico works to solve these 3 biggest struggles:

1.) How do we use technology to save time and money?

2.) How do we save time and headaches instead of creating them?

3.) How to use technology to make money instead of costing money?

Simpatico has set up their company and business technology solutions in a way that customers can understand. They also believe you should have an ROI on the technology dollars you are spending as a business owner.  Their core client is 10-100 employees offering IT solutions: everything from your workstations, to your network, to your back-up plan, to hosted environments.  Another item they have brought to the table with their merger is Physical Security and Low Voltage Solutions.  The majority of breaches occur in companies with less than 100 employees, simply because they don’t have the funding and are easier targets.  The average time for a small business to identify that they have a breach is 297 days and the majority are due to internal employees.  Simpatico also works with mergers and acquisitions; they offer assessments of both companies to make sure neither party brings any breaches with them.  Simpatico wanted to be one of the first companies to provide a Cyber Security package that small businesses could actually afford and they have spent the last 3 years developing just that!  Simpatico offered free dark web scans and network assessments for any DEA members.  Darren invited everyone to his Open House / Booksigning this Thursday from 4:00pm-7:00pm at 14200 Midway Road, Suite 128, Dallas.  There will also be a ribbon cutting at 5:30pm by Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce. Don’t miss it!!

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