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Bobby Cave, Take Time to Travel, along with his wife Teresa, have been doing travel for 28 years!  This was a second career for them – they were in the woodworking business before that.  Bobby and Teresa can help with any travel destinations you are interested in, but they specialize in warm weather destinations and Europe; including cruises, land tours, and river cruises. They begin with an interview process so that they ensure that you are in the hotel and areas that appeal to you.  They can do as much or as little as you need and want you to have a great experience!

There are several factors to consider when traveling which they can help you navigate; such as all-inclusive resorts, base pricing and new airline rules, gratuities, tours, time zones, etc.  There are lots of things about travel that people don’t think about.  They are here to answer any questions you may have about travel, even if you are arranging the trip yourself, please ask!  They do travel anywhere, from a full-blown package to just part of the trip.  Bobby and Teresa have personally visited many of the places they recommend, but also have independent rating systems they subscribe to that give them good overviews as well.

They are members of the Travel Leaders Network, which is the largest group of travel agencies in the world.  This enables them to get extremely good pricing, service, and to be an even larger advocate for their clients.  They don’t consider themselves travel agents, but more travel consultants!  Bobby opened the meeting up for questions.

Dr. Janell Kenny asked how Bobby got paid.  Bobby said he is paid by the wholesaler or who they book through, whether that is an individual resort or hotel or a group.  And they pick and choose different ones to get the best pricing and outcome for their clients.

Dr. Janell Kenny also asked if he was discouraging travel to any places such as Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico?  Bobby said no, those are all safe places.  The news magnifies a lot of these.  Bobby said his daughter just got back from the Dominican Republic and he would not have sent her there if he thought she wouldn’t be safe.

Check out what all Bobby and Teresa Cave, Take Time to Travel can do here!  Who’s ready to go on vacation!

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  1. Bobby Cave from Take Time to Travel had a wonderful and informative program about what they can do to help you make the most of your travel plans at a price that you feel is affordable. They help you all the way including fixing any problems that you may encounter on your trip. They are always available when you may need them. Personally, I used Take Time to Travel make travel arrangements for ourselves personally. They have always been a big help and followed through on everything.

  2. Michael Bosco says:

    Bobby & Teresa Cave planned a corporate cruise for SafeHaven last year that was fantastic. They had many positive suggestions to improve our experience. Knowing that Bobby and Teresa had made the accommodations and had our back gave me peace of mind so that I could enjoy the trip with my team.

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