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Keith Brown, Audio Video Innovations/Bravas claims that Ron Schulz, Supreme Lending, is someone who needs no introduction – but he will do it anyways!  Everyone welcome, from the school of hard knocks, Ron Schulz!

Ron spends most of his days dealing with residential lending, whether you are buying something to live in, re-financing a home, rent houses, or HELOC’s (which he works alongside David Smith, Frost Bank on) – he can do it all!  This morning he wanted to talk about a closing he had a few weeks ago.  He receives a lot of referrals from DEA, as well as, many others.  He always looks at who and where the referrals come from.  During this closing, he couldn’t remember particularly where this referral name came from…and then it hit him, it was the year 2000!

Ron moved to Dallas from Chicago in 1997, and in the year 2000 he worked for Prudential Securities, he wasn’t even in the mortgage business yet. It was April and the weather had just begun to change – it was sixty to sixty-five degrees out (and it wasn’t snowing!)  – and he was sitting at a stoplight with his windows down.  He thought life was pretty good.  Then he hears this noise and a guy on a Harley Davidson pulls up next to him and he’s just smiling.  Ron thought this guy is having a better afternoon than I am!  And he decided right then and there that he would buy a Harley Davidson.

That Saturday morning Ron heads to the Harley Davidson dealership and tells the salesman he wants to buy a Harley Davidson.  The salesman begins to ask several pertinent questions like, “Do you know what kind of Harley Davidson you want?”, “Do you have a motorcycle license?”, “Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?”.  All of which, Ron replied, “No.” The salesman sent him to a friend who teaches a motorcycle class to get started.  Unfortunately, the instructor was booked, and it was several weeks before he could get Ron into a class.  So, Ron asked him how much the class was…” $400, he replied”.  Ron says,” I’ll pay you $1,000 if I can start in this week’s class.”  The instructor says, “see you Friday!”.

Ron completes the 3-day class and passes his motorcycle test.   He now goes to the internet where he finds the perfect motorcycle, a 1997 Harley Davidson Heritage Springer with 0 miles and priced at $17,500.  That is his bike!  He calls the seller and works out a deal for the seller to drive the bike to him from Virginia to Texas.  For two weeks after that, Ron rode that motorcycle up and down his street and around White Rock Lake.  He was feeling confident when a friend asked if wanted to ride up to Carrollton with a group.  It was his first time to take the bike onto Hwy 75 and before he knew it, he was going 70 mph.  It felt exhilarating, but it also felt like he might die at any moment!

Ron did several of those rides before he was invited on a motorcycle trip called “The Iron Butt”, where you ride 1,000 miles in 24 hours from Dallas to El Paso and back.  Of course, Ron was in!  He completed the ride and was so proud of himself, until he was back in his garage and realized his legs were so fatigued from the trip that he could barely get himself off the bike.

After recovering from that ride, he was then invited to Sturgis in South Dakota, one of the largest, well-known motorcycle rallies.  This was a two-day ride, 3 days in Sturgis, and then a two-day ride home.  Once again, Ron was in!  Halfway through the ride up, his friend tells him they are meeting a group who will ride the rest of the way up with them.  Ron thinks, great!  So, they pull into the meet the group and as Ron is gassing up his bike, he notices that everyone is this new group has patches on the back of their vests – otherwise known as the Hells Angels.  He looks at his friend and says, “we’re riding to Sturgis with Hells Angels?”  His friend says, “oh yea, my dad’s an angel, he’s the chapter president up here.”  So off they go with Hells Angels to Sturgis!

Ron and his motorcycle gang make it to Sturgis and are invited to a bar they all take over during the week.  When they get there, they notice several large human beings outside the doors of this bar.  And inside is a huge party, Ron sees some of his friends who introduce him to another guy named Sonny.  They talk for awhile and eventually he leaves.  Ron asks his friend, “who was that guy?”  His friend says, “that was Sonny Barger, the Leader of Hells Angels.”  So, Ron realized that not only has he ridden with Hells Angels, but he’s now met the guy who runs the entire operation!

Morale of the story is you never know where a referral may come from! It was Sonny who knew someone moving to Dallas and referred them to Ron.  And has referred several others to him as well. Ron now has a referral network that goes from David Smith, Frost Bank, who wears a shirt and tie to sleep to the leader of the Hells Angels.  And belonging to DEA is such an asset to his business.  He knows he can depend on every member to represent him well and make his business grow by being available for him and his clients.  And hopefully he has served the same purpose for everyone in DEA as well.

To learn more about Ron Schulz and Supreme Lending, click here.

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