DEA Meeting: Supreme Lending

Dr. Paul Chafetz introduced Ron Schulz with Supreme Lending.  He wasn’t sure what to say about Ron’s intensity, energy, wisdom, intelligence, candor, reliability, generosity, and hard work for the DEA, so he simply asked us to welcome Ron Schulz!

Ron is with Supreme Lending and works in residential lending and can handle purchasing, refinancing, and cash-out’s; he does anything that has to do with residential lending.  Today, he told us the story of how he ended up in the mortgage business and how he has set up his operation!

Ron worked from 1985 – 1997 on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and had the best time any 20-30 year old has ever had!  In 1997, he moved to Texas and ran a trading desk for Prudential Securities for 4 years.  He got tired of sitting at a desk, staring at monitors and traveled around the world for a year.

When Ron returned, he started working with a friend in the mortgage business.  Later, his friend decided to go work at a larger mortgage business and Ron went with him to meet the owner.  The owner was a very engaging person and gave Ron the fastest job interview ever.  He gave Ron 4 loans and told him to get to work.  Within a few days, Ron’s friend decided to quit and go back to run his own business.  Ron stayed.

The mortgage company had a Saturday morning radio show right after Neal Sperry and getting loans was like fishing in one of those ponds where the fish almost jump out at you!  For the Sunday radio show, Ron was the only one who showed up to take phone calls.  Each Sunday, he would get 4 to 5 loans, but when people asked, he would tell them the phones were just dead!

One Saturday morning, the radio-show host and the owner of the company got into an argument half-way into the show; the host left and the owner pulled Ron in to host the show!

Then 2008 hit and the world ended as they knew it…sub-prime went away.  Their office went from 100 loan officers to 6 in 18 months!  Even when business was so good it seemed they were printing money, Ron had always worked to develop a referral business, working with purchases, Realtors, and keeping up with his clients.  He knew he would still need business when interest rates went up and the economy slowed down.  So, Ron still had good business even though the phones were no longer blowing up.

The business owner decided to take his business in another direction 4 1/2 years ago.  Ron saw the opportunity to build a business and set it up like he wanted.  His Grandfather owned 8 taverns and always said, “I run them and set them up so I would enjoy being in them.”  Ron wanted to build a referral-based business.  Supreme Lending reached out to Ron and agreed he could set up his business they way he wanted.

Ron’s office is at Mockingbird and 75 and his staff works remotely.  He has processors in all 3 time-zones; all Moms working from home.  As his clients wake up or go to sleep, there is always someone that can take care of anything that is needed.  The corporate office is at Quorum and the Tollway and he has been there 4 times to get his picture taken!

Ron runs a boutique mortgage business.  When someone calls, he does everything until the file goes to his processors, he stays involved through the process and goes to every one of the closings he possibly can.

Everyone in the DEA ads value to Ron’s business:  the ability for his clients to know he is a resource is invaluable.  His clients know they can call him for contacts and information, which cements his clients and that you can’t put a price tag on!

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