DEA Meeting: Sewell Cadillac

Mike Moore, Moore Insurance, introduced Rich Parker.  Rich has been married for 32 years and they have 4 boys.  The youngest just got married.  They are expecting their first grandchild in January.

Rich joined Sewell in 1971 and has been their DEA representative since 2005.  Sewell Cadillac has been a member of the DEA since 1962.  Mike recommended Carl Sewell’s book, Customers for Life; there is a chapter in the book about Rich Parker!

Why shop with Sewell?  Sewell has been family owned since 1911 and just opened their 20th store!!  They give a lot back to the communities they are in.  They have an amazing culture, hiring standards, and ongoing training.  Why shop with Rich Parker?  Rich has been with Sewell for over 45 years:  15 years as a Service Advisor, 17 years as a Service Manager, and 13 years in Sales!  Rich can sell new Cadillac, GMC, and Buick vehicles and pre-owned vehicles from any dealership within the Sewell family.

Highlights of the Cadillac line:

  • ATS – $40K Entry level
  • CTS – $50K Mid-size sedan
  • XTS – $53K Larger, front-wheel drive, very comfortable back seat
  • CT6 – $56-$89K Flagship for Cadillac and General Motors.   “Yesterday’s Cadillac in a 2018 suit with all the features!”  It has the latest and greatest technology and a smooth, quiet ride!
  • XT5 – (was the SRX) Bread and butter car; a great size for $45-$50K
  • Escalade – iconic Cadillac; extremely popular, beautiful interior!

December is always the best month to lease or purchase a new vehicle!  Everyone wants to finish the year and quarter strong!  The biggest time of the year is the week between Christmas and New Year’s.  Historically, you will see as good of deals or the best deals of the year in December.

Costco Member Pricing offers a really good deal:  supplier pricing for Cadillac and GMC.  You need to have been a Costco member since October to qualify!

Purchase vs lease?  Over 50% of their cars are leased.  It appeals to a lot of people who don’t want to have that much money tied up in a car.  Someone in negative situation in a car can recover from the negative equity by getting in a lease for 3 or 4 years.  If you have a wrecked vehicle that insurance won’t total, check out the option of getting a salvage bid and combine that with the insurance money to get a new car.

Look inside the fuel door and if it recommends premium fuel, go to a middle grade.  If it says premium gasoline is required, buy premium!  With late model cars in the last few years, they have gone to direct fuel injection, so stay with Tier 1 gasoline from the major gas companies like Exxon, Shell and Mobil, which have detergent in the fuel to keep the fuel injectors clean!

Rich answered a lot of great questions concerning leases, models, and the future of the industry!  Concerning cars flooded in Houston, Rich said that an estimated 500K – 1 million cars were damaged.  Currently, if you are trading in a car and you are from that area, you have to sign a statement that your car was not in a flood.  You need to be really careful; a professional knows where to look in a car to find hidden signs that it has been damaged by water.  If you have any amount of water in a car, it destroys it; there are electrical modules all over cars!

“A” leads are indirect leads or “all others”.  “B” leads are direct leads or “between members”.  “C” leads are “continuous” leads.  Rich named a long list of current DEA members he has helped with vehicle purchases, which is a huge testimony to the DEA!

The Booksigning is at Sewell Cadillac at 7310 Lemon Avenue.  Come by any time in the next week (they are only closed on Sunday) and sign the book, have a cup of coffee, and look at some cars if you would like.  The Booksigning winner will receive their choice of a Cadillac for the weekend!  The runner up will receive Carl Sewell’s book!  Third place will receive lunch with Rich!

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