DEA Meeting: Remarkable Painting

Steve Wilson introduced Mark Kinser as a friend and business-partner.  They met 20 years ago at Mark’s brother’s car place near Steve’s business.  When 9/11 occurred, the phones stopped ringing and they all spent the week in the streets talking about what was going on.  Mark had needed a new heating system and since no one was doing any business, he decided it was a good time to get the system.  Later, when Mark starting Remarkable Painting, Steve invited him to the DEA!  Now they do business together almost on a weekly basis!

Mark shared several ReMarkable-isms, to philosophically share about his business:

  • the responsibility for not offending someone rests on the communicator
  • how you are and how you do what you do makes what you do succeed
  • every individual has a “purpose” in life until they alone choose not to
  • wisdom is the proper application of knowledge
  • when you start believing the lies of others, you start living the lies of others

Mark shared about their staff, which is what makes their organization successful.  Brady will be back with us in a couple of months.  Karmen was with us today, and she is in charge of special programs and runs the “Seeds of Greatness” intern program.  Mark believes there is no bad employee, just people who have been put in a situation where they cannot succeed.

Mark shared with us some beautiful pictures of work they have done, with the “before” pictures for comparison.  They do small jobs up to gigantic jobs; no challenge is too big!  They do most general repairs, both inside and out.  Mark helps with color consultations.  He will not let you have a train wreck in your home; he will guide you in another direction!

“VALUE is when the quality of service & experience received is greater than the price paid.”

Mark thanked DEA Members who have either referred Mark to their clients or who have been Mark’s clients.  He listed 21 current DEA members he has worked with!

“A” Leads: anyone living in a house; “B” Leads: your homes; “C” Leads: repeat clients.

4 Responses to “DEA Meeting: Remarkable Painting”

  1. Paul Chafetz says:

    Great presentation, Mark!

  2. Maude Cejudo says:

    Loved seeing your before after painting photos. Impressive!

  3. Really good presentation, looking forward to getting together. says:

    Really nice presentation the DEA is really lucky to have businesses and people like yours participating.

  4. Darryl Galen says:

    Mark, terrific presentation!
    The before and after photos really tell the story of the quality work that you do.

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